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Think Tanks

Political Orientation


 Heritage Foundation conservative
American Enterprise Institute conservative
Center for Strategic and International Studies conservative
Hudson Institute conservative
 Hoover Institution  conservative
 Progress and Freedom Foundation  conservative
 Manhattan Institute  conservative
 Competitive Enterprise Institute  conservative
 International Institute for Strategic Studies  conservative
Family Research Council conservative

National Center for Policy Analysis  conservative
Cato Institute conservative / libertarian
Reason Foundation  conservative / libertarian


 Washington Center for Near East Policy  center-right
RAND Corporation  center-right
Council on Foreign Relations   centrist
 Freedom Forum   centrist
 Economic Strategy Institute   centrist

Brookings Institution  centrist
 Carnegie Endowment centrist
 Institute for International Economics centrist
Progressive Policy Institute  centrist
Urban Institute center-left


Citizens for Tax Justice progressive
Justice Policy Institute progressive
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities progressive
Center for Public Integrity progressive
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies  progressive
Worldwatch Institute  progressive
 Center for Defense Information  progressive
 Institute for Policy Studies  progressive
 Economic Policy Institute  progressive

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