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Country Visa Requirements
State Department - Country Entry Requirements

State Department - Country Travel Warnings

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Center for Disease Control - Travelers' Health

Airline Websites and Toll-Free Numbers

International Airline codes - by airline
International Airline codes - by airline
International Airline codes - by code

International Airport codes - by country/city/airport
International Airport codes - by airport code
International Airport codes - by city
United States Airport codes - by city

Airport cities / codes

International dialing codes
International electric guide - voltage, plugs, cycles per second (hz

Currency Converter
Bloomberg Currency Converter

Currencies of the World

Lonely Planet travel guides
World Factbook - country informaton
Altapedia - country information
Country Resources
Independent Low-Budget Travel

International Voltage

International / Country Dialing Codes
International / Country Dialing Codes
Global Telephone Directories
US/Canada/US Territories Telephone Area Codes

Zip Codes and Postal Codes

World Map Collection - University of Texas
Maps of the World - References
Altapedia - world maps

World Weather - USA Today
World Weather - CNN
Worldwide Weather

World Clock time Zones
World Time Server

World Time Zones
Local Times Around the World
Embassies in Washington D.C.

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