The Bloodiest Field for Slaughtering Human Rights


www.zmag/org, December 12, 2006


Five years ago, America and their allies attacked Afghanistan in the name of bringing "Human Rights", "Democracy", and "Freedom" to our war-torn country. The Taliban regime fell and Hamid Karzai's puppet regime, which included the well-known Northern Alliance criminals or as UN envoy Mahmoud Mestri said, "the bandit gangs", took over in the name of a fake democracy. However, today, the deceitful policies of Mr. Karzai and his Western guardians have brought Afghanistan to a very critical situation where disaster is a ticking time bomb that can explode any minute. Treason and mockery have efficiently been used in the name of "democracy" and "freedom" in the past five years. The human rights situation in Afghanistan is a product of the painful deception of the warlord led government.

Northern Alliance criminals, backed by the US have their own local and barbaric governments. Just the increasing number of women who commit suicide by burning themselves is the best example of a human rights violation in Afghanistan. According to UNICEF, 65% of 50000 widows in Kabul think that committing suicide is the only option they have. Northern Alliance crooks raped an 11 year old girl, Sanuber, and traded her for a dog. In Badakhshan, a young woman was gang-raped by 13 Jehadis in front of her children, and one of the rapists urinated in the mouth of her children who were continuously crying. In Paghman, a suburb of Kabul, a criminal leader Rasol Sayyaf, who was the mentor and godfather of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, plunders our peoples' territory and tortures his opposition in his private prison. Despite many protest rallies by the unfortunate people of Paghman in front of the Parliament House, no one hears their painful voice. Instead the so-called police forces headed by infamous criminal warlords like Zahir Aghbar and Amanullah Guzar, attacked the protesters and killed 2 of them. These are all just some examples of thousands of crimes that are being carried out by the fundamentalists of the Northern Alliance. These evil men have high positions in the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the US-imposed government with some unprincipled intellectuals dancing to their tune.

The establishment of state-run institutions such as the Independent Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of Women's Affairs are just for show - to throw dust into the eyes of our people and the world community and to conceal the human rights catastrophe. Although these symbolic institutions spend a lot of money, they have never addressed the core issues regarding human rights in Afghanistan, which are the atrocities carried out by the Northern Alliance criminals. For instance, a woman named Zofanoon Natiq, the head of Women's Affairs Ministry branch in Badakhshan Province, in an interview with Pajhwak News Agency, entirely denied the gang-rape saying that "no such incident had been occurred in Badakhshan." Meanwhile the Police chief in the same province contradicted her and said a warlord from the fundamentalist Jamiat-e-Islami party, named Mujtaba committed the crime. Another woman, Fahima Kakar, the head of Women's Ministry branch in Kunduz, didn't want to displeasure warlords. She simply said, "I think it is not proper to behead a lady, in my view and in Islam it is not good to kill someone" regarding the crime in which a woman was beheaded and killed while her hands were tied behind her back. All the women in official posts are selected from such "showpiece women" who compromise with the fundamentalists and keep silent in the face of their crimes.

The disgraceful defeat and embarrassing situation in the War in Iraq has left no option for the US, except to illustrate Afghanistan as a success, regardless of whether it results in pain and suffering for the Afghan people. The disagreement among NATO members and some member sates against the will of the US has made the situation harder for the White House. Therefore, America tries to keep a fragile temporary stability in Afghanistan in order to promote a sense of accomplishment by producing a "democratic" Afghanistan all around the world - a "B52 democracy" at the expense of treason against the majority of the Afghan people. There are now treacherous games to try to finalize the power of Gulbuddin's Islamic Party and the Taliban through the plans for Tribal Jirgas. Tribal Jirgas are no less deceptive than the Loya Jirgas and Afghan Parliament to our bereaved people. First the US divided the Taliban criminals into "moderate" and "non-moderate" factions. In the first stage Taliban criminal leaders such as Mullah Rocketi, Arsela Rahmani, Mullah Khaksar, Wakil Ahmad Motawakil, and Qalamaddin etc. were stamped as "moderate Taliban" and allowed to make their ways into the Parliament. Now, two criminal gang leaders, Gulbuddin and Mullah Omer, have been invited to join the government. In this case, it only remains for Al- Qaida to be invited to join the rotten Afghan Government.

Although the Gulbuddin Party and Taliban have many representatives in government branches and the Parliament, the compromise with these criminal and blood stained leaders illustrates that America never wants peace and stability in Afghanistan. The US government sacrificed our people for its political and economical interests by establishing a government full of traitors, criminals and drug-lords. It does not matter who rules in Kabul, the US wants just a puppet regime. An American military presence in Afghanistan has no benefit for our people. In addition, thousands of civilians lost their lives because of radioactive and cluster bombs, and "friendly fire". This fact is obviously a disgrace for those who strongly defend the American military presence in Afghanistan.

Since the Northern Alliance criminals were installed into power, RAWA has been saying that it is impossible to bring peace, human rights, and stability with a gang of criminals in power. Today even the western media points out the Jehadi warlords as a main problem in destabilizing Afghanistan which proves RAWA's analysis. However, the fundamentalist Karzai government, in order to cover up its own irresponsibility, corruption, and weaknesses, names Pakistan's interference and support of the Taliban as the single main issue in Afghanistan and pretends that if this interference is stopped Afghanistan will become a heaven on the earth! Karzai's government raised a hue and cry about the Pakistani statement on the need for a "coalition government" but everyone knows that a coalition government with criminals such as Taliban, Jehadis, Gullbudin and others is already in place.

Murderers such as Sayyaf, Rabbani, Qanooni, Fahim, Mujadadi, Massoud, Dostom, Mahaqiq, Khalili, Ismail, and others who were Pakistan and Iran's loyal agents and servants are trying to deceive our people by acting as if they are anti-Pakistan. However, they can never dissolve the shameful marks of being agents of Pakistan and others. Moreover, Pakistan and Iran also should first of all apologize to our oppressed people for their treacherous role in empowering and supporting brutal Afghan fundamentalist bands. Although it is obvious that the Taliban are supported by some Pakistani sources, just as Iran supports its own spies like Khalili, Mohaqiq, Kazimi, Bahwi, Ismael Khan and others, the core issue in Afghanistan is not Pakistani interference inside Afghanistan. The biggest factor in destabilizing Afghanistan is inside Afghanistan. As long as the main issue inside has not been solved, the external issues matter little.

The biggest factor that strengthens the Taliban is the hatred and disgust that our people have against the Jehadi mafia in the system. When people have no security, when they see lawlessness and the embezzlement by criminals of millions of dollars from international aid agencies, they are indifferent about the rise of the Taliban. Haji Nek Mohammad who had lost his beloved family in a NATO's air strike in Kandahar said, "I prefer to join the Taliban forces because the Taliban have so far killed only 2 people in my village while the collation forces killed 63 people in a single day." Our people know that there is no difference between the Taliban and Jehadi warlords. They both are fundamentalist medieval forces that were created by foreigners and they will join forces against our people at any moment. The NA hooligan leader Rabbani confirmed this fact when, in a recent interview said that he will not fight against the Taliban.

Amusingly, there are some right-wing and leftist groups outside Afghanistan who look to the Taliban as an "anti-imperialist" force and defend them. They satirize themselves by such funny remarks and prove that they are completely ignorant of the barbaric nature of the Taliban. If they ever experienced a day of humiliation under the Taliban rule, they would never make such hurtful jokes against our people.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) strongly supports the anti-war movement which grows day by day all around the world and becomes a strong force against the US and her Allies' war-mongering policies.

Despite being on the top of the fundamentalists' black list, we would like to assure our people that RAWA, as before, will never give up its struggle against Jehadi, Talibi, Khalqi, and Parchami murderers and will carry on its uncompromising fight with full determination to break the mask of the fundamentalists' demagogy.

We would like to declare to all freedom-loving, anti-invaders, and anti-fundamentalist individuals and groups that as long as we don't form a united movement against the fundamentalists and their foreign masters, we will not be in a position to break the chain of oppression and tyranny. We announced on the first day of the US invasion that there is not one example in history where a foreign force brings freedom to another nation. Only the people of Afghanistan themselves can gain these values.

Fourteen years have passed since the gloomy day of April 28th, 1992. But our nation is being caught tighter day by day around the ankles of those who caused the pain, mourning and destruction in our land. Traitors, country-betrayers, and dark minds are in control of our nation's fate and our country has sunk into a calamity. Mr. Karzai and his foreign guardians, who have invested in fundamentalists for many years, today have given key posts in the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government, to the most infamous and bloody elements of the Northern Alliance and other savage bands. With the passage of time, the ring of these traitors is increasing. The evil men who caused the April 1992 tragedy, instead of being sued, have so much authority in the country that through the parliament they shamelessly announce this infelicitous day as a public holiday. In this manner they ridicule the people, the majority of whom, according to a survey of national and international human rights defending organizations, want the prosecution and punishment of these national traitors.

Without the end of the fundamentalists' rule, the observance of human rights is just a dream!

Hold the struggle flag of freedom, democracy, and social justice!

With people against fundamentalism; or with fundamentalists against people; there is no third option! Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) December 10, 2006

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