Chapters One - Four

excerpted from the book

Final Judgment

The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy

by Michael Collins Piper

Wolfe Press, 1995, paperback

Who killed John F. Kennedy? That question has plagued the world for a generation. What is it that we do know about the JFK murder that ties all of the differing theories together? What is it that all of the theories have in common?

The blame for the assassination has been placed on numerous power groups, perhaps working independently or together. Most often named have been the CIA (or rogue elements thereof), organized crime and the anti-Castro Cuban network.

Yet, one power in particular-Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad-links all of these forces together. Israel, however, is the central player whose role has been consistently ignored.


Our final judgment on a foundation composed of the following generally accepted conclusions about the nature of the JFK assassination conspiracy:

o That there was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy;

o That the conspiracy itself involved elements of the U.S. intelligence community, the CIA in particular;

o That Organized Crime figures played a major part in the conspiracy;

o That anti-Castro Cubans were actively participating in the conspiracy, at the urging of and/or manipulation by the CIA and elements of Organized Crime;

o That somehow Lee Harvey Oswald (wittingly or unwittingly) was brought into the conspiracy and that the conspirators planted false evidence to link Oswald with Fidel Castro and the Soviets;

o That Oswald was directly involved in some manner of U.S. intelligence community activities and that he was a knowing participant in those activities;

o That Jack Ruby was either an active participant in the assassination conspiracy itself or was used in some fashion to manipulate Oswald prior to the assassination of JFK;

o That Ruby was actively involved in organized crime activities and that he was, as a consequence of that involvement, also linked with organized crime activities that operated in conjunction (or ran parallel) with U.S. intelligence community activities.

o That the Central Intelligence Agency was cognizant of the activities of both Oswald and Ruby and certainly manipulated both;

o That Oswald was executed by Jack Ruby for the purpose of silencing Oswald forever;

o That a major cover-up of the JFK assassination conspiracy was undertaken following the events in Dallas;

o That the cover-up involved elements of the federal government (including the CIA);

o That the Warren Commission and the House Assassinations Committee were deliberate participants in the cover-up;

o That the cover-up conspiracy was conducted for a wide variety of motivations-both ostensibly "patriotic" and otherwise- including-but not limited to:

a) burying intelligence community connections to the assassination conspiracy;

b) protecting Organized Crime elements involved;

c) preventing hostilities between the United States and foreign nations (whether it be the Soviet Union or Castro's Cuba); and

d) resolving questions about the assassination in the public's mind, both here and abroad.

o That the Controlled Media actively encouraged and/or participated in the cover-up due to its links to the CIA, the intelligence community in general, and Organized Crime. _____


Here, in essence, is the basis of the theory presented and documented:

-That during his presidency, John F. Kennedy alienated three major international power blocs: the American CIA, Organized Crime, and Israel and its American lobby.

o That in each case, Kennedy's continued tenure in the White House was perceived by each of these power groups as a threat to its very existence.

o That each of these major international power blocs was closely intertwined with the others, often on several levels.

o That when Kennedy's presence in the White House became so intolerable that these forces came together in a wide-ranging conspiracy that resulted in JFK's murder.

o That the power of these forces, together, over the American media played a vital role in the assassination conspiracy cover-up.

Final Judgment explores in detail the little-known behind-the-scenes war between John F. Kennedy and Israel and documents how U.S. policy toward the Middle East underwent a drastic reversal upon JFK's


The conspiracy outlined here was a criminal enterprise involving power politics in its highest-and lowest-forms.

o Presents international intrigue above and beyond the then-crumbling U.S.-Israel relationship;

o Examines the tragic reality of American involvement in Southeast Asia-which Kennedy sought to prevent-the final result of which guaranteed:

(a) Israel's dominance in Middle East affairs as the United States became bogged down in Asia;

(b) Southeast Asian drug profits for Meyer Lansky's global drug racket (operating in conjunction with the Mossad's ally, the CIA); and

(c) Multi-billion dollar profits in arms production for the backers of Israel's ally-Lyndon Johnson-in the military-industrial complex;

o Explains how the CIA-so closely tied to Israel-was able to continue its subterranean covert activities in Southeast Asia and elsewhere after the elimination of JFK;

o Illustrates how certain special interests (the anti-Castro Cuban movement and Organized Crime) could be manipulated by another special interest-the CIA-Mossad alliance-in pursuit of a mutual goal: ending John F. Kennedy's presidency;

o Points out why the various elements involved in the conspiracy were working in conjunction with one another in covering up the facts about the assassination;

o Details how the Controlled Media-long a primary collaborator with the Lansky-linked pro-Israel lobby in the United States-promoted the Warren Commission's "lone nut" solution of the JFK murder and sought to silence critics of the "official" explanation;

o Reveals how the anger and disgust of one powerful man-in this instance, David Ben-Gurion of Israel-could result in a vendetta carried out by means of a far-reaching conspiracy orchestrated through his own sphere of influence;

o Describes how key American political power brokers-such as J. Edgar Hoover and, most particularly, Lyndon B. Johnson (both connected to the Israeli-linked Lansky Crime Syndicate)-were able to maintain their influence-and expand it correspondingly-upon the death of John F. Kennedy and

o Demonstrates how low-level operatives such as Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby - both with a diverse array of strange connections-were utilized by conspirators at the top.


Would Israel's Mossad actually consider assassinating an American president perceived hostile to Israel? A former Mossad agent says "yes." According to ex-Mossad man Victor Ostrovsky, the Israeli spy agency hatched a plan to kill President George Bush.

Was President John F. Kennedy killed by a conspiracy orchestrated-at least in part-by Israel's spy agency-the Mossad? If so, this would not be the last time that the Mossad planned the assassination of an American president.

According to former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, elements of the Mossad were plotting an attempt on the life of President George Bush. The reason: according to Ostrovsky, Bush is hated by the Mossad and considered an enemy of Israel.

This amazing revelation was published in the February 1992 edition of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The author of the report was former Congressman Paul Findley (R-Ill.), himself a prominent critic of Israel. (Findley's best-selling book, They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby, is a classic exposition of the way Israel Lobby has worked to silence American critics of the foreign nation.)

Findley reports that Ostrovsky had learned through his sources in the intelligence community that because of President Bush's seeming intransigence toward Israel's demands, the Mossad had begun coordinating plans for the assassination of the American president.

Ostrovsky relayed this information to several members of the Canadian parliament, indicating that the Mossad, and not Israel's elected leadership, is "the real engine of policy in Israel."

One of those attending the meeting with Ostrovsky passed the information on to another former Republican member of the House of Representative, Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey of California. (McCloskey, like Findley, has been a forthright public critic of Israel and is associated with his fellow former lawmaker on the board of the Council for the National Interest, a Washington-based organization that promotes America's interests in Middle East policy-making.)

Upon learning of the potential threat to President Bush, exCongressman McKloskey himself flew to Canada where he met with Ostrovsky. According to Findley's account, here is what transpired: "Ostrovsky impressed McCloskey as a patriotic Zionist who believes the Mossad is out of control. Ostrovsky told him [McCloskey] the present leadership of the Mossad wants 'to do everything possible to preserve a state of war between Israel and its neighbors, assassinating President Bush, if necessary."


Researchers in the JFK assassination controversy have repeatedly pointed out the false leads that continue to appear. Most believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, was indeed what he claimed to be-the patsy-and that false clues had been laid by the real conspirators to make it appear as though Oswald was an agent of the Soviets or Fidel Castro or both.

The use of such "false flags" by Israel's Mossad to cover up its own role in worldwide assassination conspiracies and other criminal activity has been documented time and again. "Arabs," "the Mafia," "right-wing extremists," and others have repeatedly taken the fall for crimes committed by the Mossad or carried out under its coordination.

The use of "false flag" operations by Israel and its Mossad has been documented repeatedly since the Jewish State first came into being.

This book contends that Israel and its primary collaborator, the CIA, utilized insidious "false flags" in orchestrating the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up: "the Mafia," "anti-Castro Cubans," "the Soviets," "Castro agents" and even "right-wing extremists" have all been fingered as those responsible for the JFK assassination. But the real hard evidence points in another direction entirely.


Israel, in fact, hoped to pin the responsibility on a "false flag" Egypt - and draw the United States into the impending 1967 war on the side of Israel. It is only because the Liberty did not sink and instead was rescued that the history books don't tell us today that "the Arabs" sunk an American spy ship and sparked another "Lusitania incident" that forced America to go to war.


The second instance to which Congressman Findley referred is of special interest inasmuch as the intended attack on an American air force reconnaissance plane was designed to protect Israel's secret development of nuclear weaponry.

It was Israel's nuclear offensive that led President John F. Kennedy into the "secret war" with Israel that he was conducting during the three years of his short-lived presidency... it was the very issue of Kennedy's intransigence and his opposition to Israel's nuclear development that became a central part of his standoff with Israel and its Mossad.

It was this conflict indeed that played a critical part in setting in final motion the assassination conspiracy that ended John Kennedy's life.

What follows is an overview of some other notable instances in which Israel utilized "false flags" in its international criminal endeavors.


Perhaps the best-known instance in which Israel used a "false flag" to cover its own trail was in the infamous Lavon Affair. It was in 1954 that several Israeli-orchestrated acts of terrorism against British targets in Egypt were carried out. Blame for the attacks was placed on the Muslim Brotherhood, which opposed the regime of Egyptian President Gamul Abdul-Nasser.

However, the truth about the wave of terror can now be found in a once-secret cable from Colonel Benjamin Givli, the head of Israel's military intelligence, who outlined the intended purpose behind the wave of terror:

["Our goal] is to break the West's confidence in the existing [Egyptian] regime . . . . The actions should cause arrests, demonstrations, and expressions of revenge. The Israeli origin should be totally covered while attention should be shifted to any other possible factor. The purpose is to prevent economic and military aid from the West to Egypt."

Ultimately the truth about Israel's involvement in the affair became public and Israel was rocked internally in the wake of the scandal. Competing political elements within Israel used the scandal as a bludgeon against their opponents. But the truth about Israel's use of a "false flag" had come to international attention.


A shadowy "right wing" group known as "Direct Action" was accused of the attack on Goldenberg's Deli in Paris on August 9, 1982. Six people died and 22 were injured.

The leader of "Direct Action" was one Jean-Marc Rouillan. It turned out that Rouillan had been operating in the Mediterranean under the cover name of "Sebas" and had been repeatedly linked to the Mossad. All references to Rouillan's Mossad links were deleted from the official reports issued at the time.

However, the Algerian national news service-which has ties to French intelligence-blamed the Mossad for these activities. Angry French intelligence officers were believed to have leaked this information to the Algerians. Several top French security officials quit in protest over this intra-intelligence community scandal.

This is just one of many such Mossad-orchestrated crimes in which others took the blame. There are others.


On October 3, 1980 a synagogue on Copernicus Street was bombed in Paris. Four bystanders were killed. Nine were injured. The media frenzy which followed the incident was worldwide. Reports held that "right wing extremists" were responsible. Yet, of all of the "right wing extremists" held for questioning, none was arrested. In fact, all were released.

In the upper echelons of French intelligence, however, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the Mossad. According to one report: "On April 6, 1979, the same Mossad terror unit now suspected of the Copernicus carnage blew up the heavily guarded plant of CNIM industries at La Seyne-sur-Mer, near Toulon, in southeast France, where a consortium of French firms was building a nuclear reactor for Iraq.

"The Mossad salted the site of the CNIM bomb blast with 'clues' followed up with anonymous phone calls to police-suggesting that the sabotage was the work of a 'conservative' environmentalist group-'the most pacific and harmless people on earth' as one source put it."

Other Mossad-orchestrated false flag operations also took place on French soil.


o On June 28, 1978, Israeli agents exploded a bomb under a small passenger car in the Rue Saint Anne, killing Mohammed Boudia, an organizer for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Immediately afterward, Paris police received anonymous phone calls accusing Boudia of involvement in narcotics deals and attributing his murder to the Corsican Mafia. A thorough investigation subsequently established that Mossad special-action agents were responsible for the terrorist killing.


o In October, 1976 the same Mossad unit kidnapped two West German students named Brigette Schulz and Thomas Reuter from their Paris hotel. Planted "clues" and anonymous phone calls made it appear that a Bavarian "neo-nazi" formation had executed the abduction. In fact, French intelligence established that the two German youths had been secretly flown to Israel, drugged, tortured, coerced into a false "confession of complicity" in PLO activities, and then anonymously incarcerated in one of the Israeli government's notorious political prisons.


o In February 1977 a German-born, naturalized U.S. citizen named William Jahnke arrived in Paris for some secretive business meetings. He soon vanished, leaving no trace. Paris police were anonymously informed that Jahnke had been involved in a high-level South Korean bribery affair and "eliminated" when the deal went sour.

A special team of investigators from SDECE, the leading French intelligence agency, eventually determined that Jahnke had been "terminated" by the Mossad, which suspected him of selling secret information to the Libyans. Along with other details of this sordid case, the SDECE learned that Jahnke had been "fingered" to the Mossad by his own former employer, the CIA.


One of Israel's most outrageous "false flag" operations involved a wild propaganda story aimed at discrediting Libyan leader Muamar Qaddafi, one of Israel's favorite enemies. In the early months of the administration of President Ronald Reagan, the American media began heavily promoting a story to the effect that a "Libyan hit squad" was in the United States for the express purpose of assassinating Reagan. This inflamed public sentiment against Libya and there were repeated calls for blood.

Suddenly, however, the "hit squad" stories vanished. In fact, it was ultimately discovered that the source of the story was one Manucher Ghorbanifar, a former Iranian SAVAK (secret police) agent with close ties to the Mossad. Even The Washington Post acknowledged that the CIA itself believed that Ghorbanifar was a liar who "had made up the hit-squad story in order to cause problems for one of Israel's enemies."

The Los Angeles Times itself had already blown the whistle on Israel's scare stories. "Israeli intelligence, not the Reagan administration," reported the Times, "was a major source of some of the most dramatic published reports about a Libyan assassination team allegedly sent to kill President Reagan and other top U.S. officials... Israel, which informed sources said has 'wanted an excuse to go in and bash Libya for a longtime,' may be trying to build American public support for a strike against [Qaddafi], these sources said

In other words, Israel had been promoting the former SAVAK agent, Ghorbanifar, to official Washington as a reliable source. In fact, he was a Mossad disinformation operative waving a "false flag" to mislead America.

This was yet another Israeli scheme to blame Libya for its own misdeeds, this time using one "false flag" (Iran's SAVAK) to lay the blame on another "false flag" (Libya). (In Chapter 18 we shall see yet another SAVAK crime carried out on behalf of Israel and its allies in the CIA.)


Israel's Mossad was almost certainly responsible for the bombing of the La Belle discotheque in West Berlin on April 5, 1986. However, claims were made that there was "irrefutable" evidence that the Libyans were responsible. A U.S. serviceman was killed. President Ronald Reagan responded with an attack on Libya.

However, intelligence insiders believed that Israel's Mossad had concocted the phony "evidence" to "prove" Libyan responsibility. West Berlin police director Manfred Ganschow, who took charge of the investigation, cleared the Libyans, saying, "This is a highly political case. Some of the evidence cited in Washington may not be evidence at all, merely assumptions supplied for political reasons."


On April 18, 1986 one Nezar Hindawi, a 32 year old Jordanian was arrested in London after security guards found that one of the passengers boarding an Israeli plane bound for Jerusalem, Ann Murphy, 22, was carrying a square, flat sheet of plastic explosive in the double bottom of her carry-on bag. Miss Murphy told security men that the detonator (disguised as a calculator) had been given to her by her finance, Hindawi. He was charged with attempted sabotage and attempted murder.

Word was leaked that Hindawi had confessed and claimed that he had been hired by Gen. Mohammed Al-Khouli, the intelligence director of the Syrian air force. Also implicated were others including the Syrian Ambassador in London. The French authorities warned the British Prime Minister that there was more to the case than met the eye-that is, Israeli involvement. This was later confirmed in repeated reports in the Western press.


In 1970, King Hussein of Jordan was provided with incriminating intelligence that suggested the Palestine Liberation Organization was plotting to murder him and seize power in his nation. Infuriated, Hussein mobilized his forces for what has become known as the 'Black September' purge of the PLO. Thousands of Palestinians living in Jordan were rounded up, some of the leaders were tortured, and in the end, masses of refugees were driven from Jordan to Lebanon.

New data, coming to light after the murder of two leading Mossad operatives in Larnaka, Cyprus suggested that the entire operation had been a Mossad covert action, led by one of its key operatives, Sylvia Roxburgh, who was also known as Sylvia Rafael and is believed to have been born Esther Paltzur.

Miss Roxburgh contrived an affair with King Hussein, known for his weakness for beautiful women, and served as the linchpin for one of the Mossad's major "cover and deception" coups designed to destabilize the Arabs.

In 1982, just when the PLO had abandoned the use of terrorism, the Mossad spread disinformation about "terror attacks" on Israeli settlements along the northern border in order to justify a full-scale military invasion of Lebanon. Years later, even leading Israeli spokesmen, such as former Foreign Minister Abba Eban, admitted that the reports of "PLO terrorism" had been contrived by the Mossad.


It is also worth noting that the attempted assassination-in London-of Israeli Ambassador to England, Shiomo Argov, was initially blamed upon the PLO. The attempted assassination was cited by Israel as one of its excuses for its bloody 1982 incursion into Lebanon.

Yet, ironically, the diplomat in question was considered one of Israel's "doves" and inclined toward a friendly disposition of Israel's longtime conflict with the PLO. He was the least likely target of PLO wrath. What's more, one of the suspects in the crime was found carrying a "hit list" which actually included the name of the head of the PLO office in London.

In fact, it appears that the assassination attempt was carried out by the Mossad-under yet another "false flag"-for two purposes: (a) elimination of a domestic "peacenik" considered friendly toward the Palestinians; and (b) pinning yet another crime on the Palestine Liberation Organization.


These instances cited here are but a handful of Mossad-orchestrated "false flag" operations blamed on a wide variety of alleged "suspects."

The evidence suggests that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was yet another "false flag" conspiracy by Israel's Mossad and its collaborators in the American CIA. In the JFK assassination, the "Mafia" and the "antiCastro Cubans" were set up as potential fall guys. Even Castro and the Soviets have been implicated. Everybody, it seems, has been fingered but the Mossad.

It was the Mossad and its allies in the CIA and in the controlled American media who have been doing all the fingering. Everybody being blamed by the Mossad and its CIA allies were implicated-one way or the other-and everybody, as a consequence, had a stake in the cover-up.

New-York-based entertainment executive named DeWest Hooker who meet with Joe Kennedy in Palm Beach Florida in 1956

"[Joe] Kennedy said, 'I've done everything I can to fight the Jewish power over this country. I tried to stop World War II, but I failed. I've made all the money I need and now I'm passing everything I've learned on to my sons."

"I don't go with the 'loser',"[Joe] Kennedy told me. 'I've joined the 'winners.' I'm going to work with the Jews. I'm teaching my boys the whole score and they're going to work with the Jews. I'm going to make Jack the first Irish Catholic President of the United States and if it means working with Jews, so be it..."


It took the family of Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. According to Sam Giancana (nephew of the Windy City mobster) and Chuck Giancana (brother of the mobster), JFK - and his father - had indeed double-crossed organized crime.

According to the Giancanas, Detroit's "Jewish Mafia," the so-called "Purple Gang" had put out a contract on Joe Kennedy's life for bringing illegal liquor through their territory without their permission during the Prohibition days. However, Kennedy Sr. had gone to Chicago to beg for his life and the Chicago Mafia bosses intervened on his behalf, saving his life. As the Giancana's put it: "Ever after, Kennedy was in Chicago's debt."

The relationship went much deeper, however. According to the Giancanas: "Kennedy's ties to the underworld intersected at a hundred points. Besides making a fortune in bootlegging, Kennedy had made a financial killing in Hollywood in the twenties-with the help of persuasive behind-the-scenes New York and Chicago muscle.

"When Prohibition came to a close, as part of a national agreement between the various bootleggers, Kennedy held on to three of the most lucrative booze distributorships in the country-Gordon's gin, Dewar's, and Haig & Haig-through his company, Somerset Imports."

The Giancanas also say that it was Sam Giancana who smoothed things over with Frank Costello on Joe Kennedy's behalf after Ambassador Kennedy had snubbed the New York mobster. According to the Giancanas, Kennedy was concerned about his son's burgeoning political career and it was at that point that he agreed to cut a deal with organized crime in order to ensure smooth sailing-and in order to get Frank Costello, in Kennedy's words, "off my back."


After Joe Kennedy begged for [Sam] Giancana's assistance at a meeting in Chicago, Giancana reportedly said, "I've heard nothing today that leads me to think that you can promise me anything in return for my assistance."

"Kennedy responded: "I can. And I will. You help me now, Sam, and I'll see to it that Chicago-that you-can sit in the godamned Oval office if you want. That you'll have the President's ear. But I just need time."

Kennedy told Giancana, "He'll be your man. I swear to that. My son - the President of the United States - will owe you his father's life. He won't refuse you, ever. You have my word."


It was during the 1960 Democratic Presidential primary campaign that the Kennedys once again turned to Giancana for critical Mafia support. In fact, according to the Giancanas, the Kennedys - father and son - actually met with Sam Giancana to work out a joint agreement of mutual support before - and after - the election. As Giancana summarized the agreement: ' "I help get Jack elected and, in return, fills off the heat. It'll be business as usual."

Mafia money poured into critical primary states such as West Virginia (where many local political leaders were on the Mafia "pad") and by convention time, JFK was virtually assured the presidential nomination. Although New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello preferred Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson, an agreement was cut, and a Kennedy-Johnson ticket was set in place. The Democratic ticket was ready for the fall election.

It turns out, too, that JFK himself was busy with other mob figures other than Sam Giancana, although the history books have discreetly ignored JFK's other crime connections, preferring instead to focus on the Italian-American "Mafia" figures.

According to FBI documents and wiretaps, JFK himself had "direct contact" with Meyer Lansky himself during the 1960 presidential campaign, presumably for the purpose of shoring up mob support for his presidential campaign-a pact that would ultimately prove to have been a proverbial deal with the devil.

In a private letter to Jewish American historian Alfred Lilienthal, himself a vocal critic of Israel, Kennedy did, however, reveal his feelings toward the Middle East conflict. The letter, written on September 30, 1960, read in part: "I wholly agree with you that American partiality in the Arab) Israeli conflict is dangerous both to the U.S. and the Free World-66 In 'Lilienthal's judgment, Kennedy's comment was "one of the most significant and perspicacious Middle East statements" ever made by any American political figure.

But Kennedy had already cut his deals. Not only organized crime-but the Israeli lobby (of which Meyer Lansky was a critical supporter)-had their claims on John F. Kennedy.

After the election, they expected Kennedy to pay up. In the general election, it was a narrow Kennedy victory over the Republican candidate, Vice President Richard M. Nixon.

The role of the Chicago Democratic political machine (under the thumb of Mafia boss Sam Giancana) in stealing Illinois votes on behalf of the Kennedy-Johnson ticket is now well known and a widely accepted part of American political history.

Sam Giancana and his allies in organized crime-including Meyer Lansky and the Israeli lobby-were confident that they had themselves a president.

... Soon after JFK assumed the presidency, an unexpected war on organized crime began. Robert Kennedy, who had cut his teeth prosecuting mobsters as a counsel for the Senate's "rackets committee," was named attorney general and it was apparent that he was taking his new job seriously.

According to Sam Giancana, "It's a brilliant move on Joe [Kennedy] 's part. He'll have Bobby wipe us out to cover their own dirty tracks and it'll all be done in the name of the Kennedy 'war on organized crime.' Brilliant. Just fuckin' brilliant."

... Angry at his campaign experiences with the Israeli lobby's fundraisers, Kennedy appointed a bipartisan commission in 1961 to recommend ways to broaden "the financial base of our presidential campaigns."

According to Seymour Hersh, "In a statement that was far more heartfelt than the public or the press could perceive, [Kennedy] criticized the current method of financing campaigns as 'highly undesirable' and 'not healthy' because it made candidates 'dependent on large financial contributions of those with special interests."

In 1962 Kennedy submitted five bills to reform campaign financing to Congress and in 1963 two more such bills. But none of those bills survived, having been beaten back by the very special interests that Kennedy sought to counter.

... There have been widespread rumors, for nearly a generation, that JFK was planning to issue interest-free money-so-called "greenbacks" independent of the stranglehold of the privately-owned Federal Reserve System. In fact, interest-free United States Notes were issued during JFK's presidency.

There is no question, however, but that JFK-once firmly established in the presidency-fully intended to move against the Federal Reserve money monopoly. In fact, during his private meeting with DeWest Hooker, described earlier in these pages, JFK's father, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, assured Hooker that an ultimate long-term aim of the Kennedy dynasty would be the destruction of what the senior Kennedy described as "the Rothschild-dominated Federal Reserve."

This alone could have assured JFK's removal from the White House.

Final Judgment

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