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Stenographers to Power

media and propaganda

David Barsamian interviews

Common Courage Press, 1992, paper


The Propaganda System - Noam Chomsky, 1986
Like a Small Trout on a Heavy Line - Ben Bagdikian, 1991
Propaganda and Class Structure - Michael Parenti, 1988
Language in the Service of Propaganda - Noam Chomsky, 1984
Terrorism: The Politics of Language - Noam Chomsky, 1986
From McNeil-Lehrer to Nightline: Experts Enforce the Party Line - Jeff Cohen, 1990
Five O'Clock Follies: Then And Now - Mark Hertsgaard, 1991
Stenographers to Power: Gulf War I, Case Study in Media Coverage - Jeff Cohen, 1991
The Gulf War and the Media - Alexander Cockburn, 1991; & Becoming a Critical Consumer of News - Erwin Knoll, 1991

Corporate Media's Threat to Democracy

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