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Responsible Travel in the Third World


Why we travel to the Third World

We visit Third World countries to see and meet people different from ourselves. They live in places unlike our own communities with values at variance from those we have grown up with. They touch us with their openness and honesty and with the simplicity of their lives. A vacation to the Third World often changes the way we look at ourselves, at our country and at the world.

Traveling responsibly

We want to travel to the Third World, but we want to do it responsibly. We realize that our vacation destination is some else's home, and that both the people and their culture should be respected. We do not want to support, either financially or psychologically, a government that abuses its citizens or restricts their political rights or civil liberties, nor do we want to worsen the plight of these people or make their lives more difficult because of our visit. We also do not want to avoid these countries, denying ourselves the experience of the visit, while at the same time, isolating the people from the outside world.

Informing ourselves about human rights, and government and corporate policies

It is for practical reasons that we find out as much as possible about a country we plan to visit. But, it is out of respect for the people of the Third World that we learn about the human rights situation in each country before we go. Third World Traveler provides responsible travelers with information about the Third World, and about the impact of policies of countries and corporations of the First World on the lives and human rights of Third World peoples.

The meaning of traveling responsibly

Well-informed, responsible travelers have a unique opportunity. We can tell others about the people, cultures, and governments of Third World countries. We can describe a travel philosophy that values Third World people not as objects of curiosity, but as individuals with feelings and values similar to our own, who need to tell the people of the First World about their lives and their hopes for a better world. We try to explain to the people of the First World how the policies of their governments and their corporations affect the lives of Third World peoples.

Through our actions, we may be able to change government and corporate policies, and we may be able to improve the lives of some of the people who have touched us. This is the true meaning of traveling responsibly, and it is an important purpose of this website.

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