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"Centralized state power dedicated to private privilege and authority, and the rational and organized use of savage violence, are two of the enduring features of the European conquest. Others are the domestic colonization by which the poor subsidize the rich, and the contempt for democracy and freedom. Yet another enduring theme is the self-righteousness in which plunder, slaughter, and oppression are clothed."

Noam Chomsky


American Holocaust
Declarations of Independence - Howard Zinn
Dirty Truths - Michael Parenti
Freethinkers - a history of American secularism - Susan Jacoby

Greatest Story Never Told, The - People's History of American Empire 1945-1999 - Michael K. Smith
History As Mystery - Michael Parenti
Howard Zinn on History
Killing Hope - US interventions since World War II
Lies My Teacher Told Me
- Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong - James W. Loewen
People's History of the United States, A - Howard Zinn
Tragedy & Hope - a history of the world in our time - Carroll Quigley

Tree, The of Liberty
Year 501 - Noam Chomsky
Zinn Reader, The

"History is written by those who win and those who dominate."

Edward Said, literary critic


US Machiavellian Foreign Policy - Means and Ends
General Pinochet Still Rules:Twenty-five Years After Allende
Massacres of History - Zinn
Clouds Over George Bush
They Speak
The Century: A Nation's-Eye View
Einstein: Socialist of the Century
The Age of Paine (7/09)

"The most ultimately righteous of all wars is a war with savages."

Theodore Roosevelt

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