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" Justice is the great work of humans on earth."

Daniel Webster



Truth Commissions page
The Moral Justification of Injustice
Criminal Neglect - the International Criminal Court
Masked Racism: Reflections on Prison Industrial Complex - A. Davis
The End of Executions? - Anti-Death Penalty Movement
Justice: The First Casualty of Truth?
The State of U.S. Justice
Days of Atonement - Nigeria
The Caligulan American Justice System - U.N. intervention is necessary
Globalizing Justice (3/06)
Nobel Laureate (Joseph Stiglitz) Encourages Global Justice Movement (4/08)

" Both prisons and inner-city schools target a kind of superfluous population that there's no point educating because there's nothing for them to do. Because we're a civilized people, we put them in prison, rather than sending death squads out to murder them. "

Noam Chomsky

Solidarity - articles and links

Mumia Abu-Jamal - link
Abu-Jamal's Last Hope

Leonard Peltier - link
Leonard Peltier - the facts about his case
Leonard Peltier Freedom Campaign
Demanding Justice for Peltier - FBI admissions underscore need for new hearin

When Truth Gets You Life - Lori Berenson

"Charity is no substitute for justice withheld."

Saint Augustine, bishop of Hippo
and one of the founders of Christianity, 354-430


Aristide Foundation for Democracy - link
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Free Burma - link
East Timor Action Network - link
Cuba Solidarity - link
Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico - link

" Justice too long delayed is justice denied. "

author unknown

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