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Resource Wars - The New Landscape of Global Conflict

Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws


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Resurgent Militarism - from the book Trilateralism

The New Interventionism: Low-Intensity Warfare in the 1980s and Beyond
by Michael T. Klare and Peter Kornbluh - from the book Low Intensity Warfare

The Geopolitics of War - U.S. Policy On Iran and Southwest Asia - from the book September 11 and the U.S. War

Resources - from the book Power Trip, U.S. Unilateralism and Global Strategy After September 11



The Sole Superpower Syndrome (3/98)
A Resource War - Is the conflict in Afghanistan a resource war? an interview with Michael Klare (11/01)
Oil moves the War Machine (6/02)
Endless Military Superiority (7/02)
Michael Klare interview (1/04) - from the book Hijacking Catastrophe
Outposts of Empire (4/05)

Imperial Reach - The Pentagon's new basing strategy (4/05)
Revving Up the China Threat - The Bush Administration is spoiling for a new cold War in the Far East (10/05)
The Geopolitics of Natural Gas (1/06)
The Coming Resource Wars (3/06)
The Global Energy Race and Its Consequences [Part 1 & 2] (1/07)

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