Life and Death in Third World

"Peace cannot exist without equality."

Edward Said, author

Anti-personnel landmines - the eternal sentinels
Killing for Carpets- slavery in Pakistan's carpet industry
Literacy in the World - 1996
Deaf to the Screams
Free the Children
Politics of Hunger
Bondage in Pakistan

"Fifty years of lies, fifty years of injustice, fifty years of frustration. This is a history of people starving to death, living in misery. For fifty years the same people had all the power, all the money, all the jobs all the education, all the opportunities."

President Jose Nepolean Duarte
about the injustice in El Salvador that led to a guerrilla insurgency
against the government in the 1970s and 80s

Child Soldiers in Third World
Life in the Cocaine State
Afghanistan - Taliban's War on Women
Feeding the War in Sudan
There's No Business Like Aid Business - foreign aid NGOs
Reporters at Risk
Calloused Consciences
Infinite Punishment - War as Criminal Penalty

Human Rights, Justice and Reform