Conservative Top 40 commentators

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

July / August 1998


If there truly were a liberal bias in mainstream media, right-wing commentators would not dominate the three major opinion-shaping forums in our country: TV punditry, talk radio and syndicated columns.

Next time someone tells you that the right wing is unfairly treated in the mass media, start reading from this list. Challenge them to match these names with leftwing pundits who have equivalent access to the public debate-not tepid centrists who rally 'round the status quo, but leaders of and advocates for progressive movements, as unabashed in their politics to the left as these conservative voices are to the right. Chances are, you'll soon be listening to dead air.


Pat Buchanan (TV, P)

George Will (TV, P)

Robert Novak (TV, P)

Rush Limbaugh (R)

William Buckley (TV, P)

William Safire (P)

CalThomas (P)

William Kristol (TV)

Paul Gigot (TV, P)

Bay Buchanan (TV)

Pat Robertson (TV)

John McLaughlin (TV)

Arianna Huffington (P)

Oliver North (R)

Charles Krauthammer (P)

Kate O'Beirne (TV)

John Leo (P)

Linda Chavez (P)

James J. Kilpatrick (P)

Tony Snow (TV, P)

Ben Wattenberg (TV, P)

James Glassman (TV,P)

Armstrong Williams (TV, R, P)

Robert Bartley (P)

Thomas Sowell (P)

Mona Charen (P)

Fred Barnes (TV)

Laura Ingraham (TV)

G. Gordon Liddy (R)

John Stossel (TV)

Michael Reagan (R)

Ken Hamblin (R)

James Dobson (R)

Michael Barone (P)

James Pinkerton (P)

Maggie Gallagher (P)

Suzanne Fields (P)

Sean Hannity (TV, R)

Bob Grant (R)

R. Emmett Tyrrell (P)


*TV=Television P=Print R=Radio

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