The Fair Trade Federation

The Fair Trade Federation links disadvantaged producer groups in Third World countries with markets in North America. FTF is a membership organization that includes retailers, wholesalers, producer groups and concerned individuals working to educate consumers about the inequities of global trade and develop ways in which we can build an alternative system based on fair trade. FTF promotes fair trade practices such as:

1) paying fair wages (in a local context) and distributing revenue equitably among producer group members

2) involving workers in the declslon-maklng process and leadership positions, and striving to provide opportunities for worker ownership

3) using environmentally sustainable practices

4) being open to public accountability.

Members receive a quarterly newsletter (NetWorks), reduced rates on FTF publications such as their Membership Directory and Resource Guide, and the knowledge that they are helping to promote fair trade.


For more information, contact

Fair Trade Federation
PO Box 3754
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 334-5583


exerpted from the book

edited by Kevin Danaher

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