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"[Because] most religions offer no valid mechanism by which their core beliefs can be tested and revised, each new generation of believers is condemned to inherit the superstitions and tribal hatreds of its predecessors."

Sam Harris, The End of Faith

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The End of Faith - Sam Harris
Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris
The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

God and Religion - Bertrand Russell
Why I Am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell
Freethinkers - a history of American secularism - Susan Jacoby
American Fascists - Christian Right and War on America - Chris Hedges

"We have names for people who have many beliefs for which there is no rational justification. When their beliefs are extremely common we call them "religious"; otherwise, they are likely to be called "mad," "psychotic," or "delusional." "

Sam Harris, The End of Faith


Acts of God, Acts of Media (1/05)
Our Godless Constitution (2/05)
The Rapture Racket (2/05)
Blind Faith - Bill Moyers (2/05)

"We live in a country in which a person cannot get elected president if he openly doubts the existence of heaven and hell."

Sam Harris, The End of Faith

Religious Right Determines Foreign Policy (5/05)
First day of school for aspiring Vatican exorcists (10/05)
Reckoning with the God Squad - Bill Moyers (10/05)
The Darwin exhibition frightening off corporate sponsors (11/05)

Original Intent - the founders left God out of the Constitution - and it wasn't an oversight. (12/05)

"To rely on [the Bible] as the basis for our woridview ... is to repudiate two thousand years of civilizing insights [of the] human mind ."

Sam Harris, The End of Faith

The Top Ten Power Brokers of the Religious Right (7/06)
Enough With the 'One God' Stuff (9/06)
America's Holy Warriors [the radical Christian Right] (1/07)
Christian Fascism: The Jesus Gestapo of St. Orwell (2/07)
"American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America" (2/07)

The Christian Right's War on America (2/07)
Praying for the Apocalypse (4/07)
Fighting Extremism Over There, So It Can Flourish Over Here? (7/07)
America's Armageddonites (10/07)
Religious Fundamentalism in Israel (8/09)

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