excerpts from the book

9/11 Synthetic Terror - made in the USA

by Webster Griffin Tarpley

Progressive Press, 2008, paperback


MIHOP [made it happen on purpose] drills provided cover and operational capabilities for terror operations run through the official bureaucracy. The most obvious is the exercise that morning at the headquarters of the National Reconnaissance Office in Chantilly, Virginia involving the simulation of an airliner crashing into the NRO 'S headquarters tower. It involved, in other words, a plane crashing into a building. Given all we have learned about the intimate relationship between military drills and terrorist acts, it is clear that there is a strong prima facie case here that the NRO drill in question was in fact a control center or vehicle for crashing aircraft or other flying objects into the towers of the World Trade Center.

... [The] MIHOP drills point towards the basic fact that the 9/11 terror operations were not just facilitated or allowed, but manufactured and produced, by activities taking place inside the US military-security bureaucracy, under the cover of theoretically legal and sanctioned drills.

Senator Daniel K. Inouye, during the Iran-Contra scandal

There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.

We live in an era in which political and social reality are incessantly manipulated by huge and pervasive intelligence agencies - CIA, FBI, MI-6, FSB (KGB), Mossad.

The reliable conceptual model for understanding terrorism is one that situates the secret intelligence agency, or factions thereof, in the center of the process, recruiting prospective terrorists from the immiserated masses and forming them into clandestine organizations which are henceforth subject to guidance from outside, behind, and above. High-profile international terrorism is not spontaneous: it is artificial and synthetic. It requires expert terrorist controllers. Because of this, the starting point for realistic appraisal of 9/11 is not primarily the sociology of the Middle East, but rather the historical record of NATO and CIA state-sponsored terrorism in western Europe and elsewhere in the post-World War II period.

Synthetic terrorism is a strategy used by oligarchs for the purpose of waging on the people - particularly on the middle class.

Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo] Moro had been killed by NATO intelligence, using the Red Brigades as tool and camouflage at the same time. The cause of the assassination was Moro' s determination to give Italy a stable government by bringing the Italian Communist Party into the cabinet and the parliamentary majority. This plan was opposed as a violation of the Yalta spheres of influence, which made Italy a vassal of the US by the Henry Kissinger wing of the US foreign policy establishment, as well as by certain factions of the Italian ruling elite grouped around the reactionary P-2 lodge, which was still secret at that time. Accordingly, my study named Kissinger, NATO, and British intelligence as prime suspects, and not the Warsaw Pact embassies named by the Italian media.

9/11 was an example of state-sponsored, false-flag, synthetic terrorism, hereinafter called simply synthetic terrorism... the 9/11 events were organized and directed by a rogue network of high government and military officials of the United States, with a certain participation by the intelligence agencies of Britain and Israel, and with a more general backup from the intelligence agencies of the other Echelon states Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

The September [11th] criminals were financiers, top-level bureaucrats, flag-rank military officers, top intelligence officials, and technical specialists.

Some of the most revealing information on a cataclysmic event like 9/11 generally becomes available in media reports in the immediate aftermath of the event. This is before the editors and producers have fully assimilated the party line of the oligarchy on what has happened.

The 9/11 commission represents the triumph of oligarchical scholasticism, the embalming of what had been a living tragedy into a smoothed-over textbook account from which virtually all of the truth has been drained.

George Orwell in his book '1984'

In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connection to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, "just to keep the people frightened."

Edward Herman, professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania

Pravda and Izvestia in the former Soviet Union would have been hard-pressed to surpass the American media in their subservience to the official agenda... They have abandoned the notion of objectivity or even the idea of providing a public space where problems are discussed and debated... It's a scandal that reveals the existence of a system of propaganda, not of serious media so essential in a democratic society.

The vast majority of international terrorism conducted on a spectacular scale is indeed state-sponsored terrorism.

A faction or network of the government uses its access to the levers of power to promote the terrorist action.

The Red Brigades [Italy, 1970s] or the Baader-Meinhof group/Red Army faction [Germany, 1970s] ... were created by and controlled by NATO intelligence.

Terrorism in the modern era is the means by which oligarchies wage secret wars against the people which it would be politically impossible to wage Openly. Oligarchy, in turn, always has one and the same political program, which has not changed since the time of Thucydides, Plato and the writer that classical historians call The Old Oligarch: the purpose and program of oligarchy is to perpetuate oligarchy.

We must be deeply suspicious of the ruling elite of the United States, which is of course also an oligarchy, but an oligarchy which operates behind the mask of democratic institutions and formal democracy.

The US oligarchy will be more than willing to trade in its democratic costumes for a bureaucratic-authoritarian or even totalitarian garb if the democratic forms prove to be impossible to maintain, most likely because of financial and economic difficulties.

The most. important institutional actors in the world of terrorism [are] secret intelligence agencies like CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, Stasi, MI-6, and the rest. Secret intelligence agencies are institutions in which the very essence of oligarchy is at work: as the enjoyment of oligarchical privileges comes inevitably at the expense of the people, covert methods of control become indispensable.

Secret intelligence agencies in their modern forms go back to the Republic of Venice, which was famous for its intelligence directorate, the Council of Ten, and its pervasive network of spies, informers, and provocateurs - and the Republic of Venice was the longest-lasting oligarchical system in world history.

Secret intelligence agencies are fatalist or realist in that they regard all large-scale sociological and political changes as inevitable. As soon as they identify a budding phenomenon which they have not yet penetrated, their only thought is how to infiltrate their agents and assets into it, so they can steer or influence it as it ripens.

... This applies to terrorist groups most emphatically. Here the attention of the secret intelligence agencies is so strongly focused that their task is most often that of founding, and much more, seldom that of infiltrating and taking over some group which already exists.

The world of secret intelligence agencies is a realm of falsehood, camouflage, deception, violence, unspeakable cruelty, treachery, and betrayal. It is the most desolate and grim sector of human endeavor, where no human values can subsist. It knows neither hope nor mercy nor redemption.

We start from the strong presumption that terrorism is intrinsically an activity which is controlled by a faction of government, probably acting under the influence of financier factions which are generally the ultimate source of authority in the globalized universe.

The Kennedy Assassination

President Kennedy had been alerted by the Bay of Pigs debacle to the treachery and incompetence of CIA director Allen Dulles, whom he fired. He refused to listen to the adventurist advice of former Secretary of State Dean Acheson. He overrode his main military advisers, Lyman Lemnitzer and Curtis LeMay, who wanted to make the Cuban missile crisis the occasion for general thermonuclear war with the USSR. Kennedy clashed with Roger Blough of US Steel, who was acting as a representative of Wall Street. Kennedy challenged the power of the Federal Reserve to be the sole controller of the US money supply. Kennedy seemed determined to return to the New Deal policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and also to the strong presidency Roosevelt had embodied, but which the US oligarchy was determined never to permit again. (There had in any case been an attempt to assassinate FDR in Florida before he was even inaugurated.) Kennedy was probably planning to fire FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover, who regarded himself as an unaccountable state within the state. Documents indicate that Kennedy was scaling down the US presence in Vietnam, rather than escalating it as his incompetent hawkish advisers wanted, and that he may have been preparing to liquidate the Vietnam matter entirely after his re-election in November 1964. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in November, 1963.

The leading terrorist state of the post-1945 era in Europe was unquestionably the United States, often acting together with the British MI-5 and MI-6 in the framework of NATO intelligence. US state-sponsored terrorism generally aimed at maintaining what can be called the division of the world into spheres of influence as established at the Big Three (US, UK, USSR) conference at Yalta in the Crimea in early 1945. Since the US could not simply arrest and execute its opponents the way Stalin could, terrorism was a favored tool of the US in attempting to maintain domination and discipline within the western bloc.

A demonstration which the government does not want to take place - the demonstration proceeds peacefully and responsibly, with marchers walking in orderly fashion within the cordons of parade marshals who are there to prevent trouble. Families with children, elderly people, and youth are all petitioning effectively for the redress of their grievances. The political effect is potentially quite positive. All of a sudden, a group of radical demonstrators, calling themselves anarchists but in reality police agent provocateurs, breaks away from the main body of the demonstration and begins smashing the windows of stores along the route. The anarchists have Molotov cocktails in hand, and they hurl them at the first units of riot police who arrive, injuring some of them seriously. The police, by now thoroughly provoked indeed, begin to fire tear gas grenades in all directions, and wade in to the peaceful crowd with their truncheons, mercilessly beating everyone who falls into their hands. Demonstrators are herded into blind allies, beaten, arrested, and carted off. It will be a long time before some of them come to another demonstration. Television coverage focuses on the violent minority, trying to make it look like the anarchist police agents are typical of the demonstration as a whole. Pundits pontificate; George Will is particularly indignant. This is the model for provocations of all types. It represents a spectacle for the gullible, a theatrical if bloody manipulation of Led pseudo-reality, and it points toward the reality of 9/11.

If the real authorship of state-sponsored terrorism is to be successfully concealed, then a collection of scapegoats is the first ingredient required. These may be defined as the patsies, or alternatively as fall-guys, scapegoats, useful idiots, stooges or dupes. It is necessary that they be of low mental ability and great gullibility, since their mission is to be part of false-flag groups which pretend to be working for a cause, while in reality they are under the control of a private network inside the US government.

It is vital for the terrorist controllers that the patsies not realize that this or that comrade in arms is actually a double agent, a provocateur working for the parallel CIA or some other complicit agency,(of which more will be said later. The best candidates for the patsy role are psychotics, psychopaths, or sociopaths. They may be fanatics bursting with criminal energy and criminal intent, or they may be pathetic ideologues and naifs. Frequently they are also misfits, bunglers, and generally maladroit in what they undertake.

If the real authorship of state-sponsored terrorism is to be successfully concealed, then a collection of scapegoats is the first ingredient required. These may be defined as the patsies, or alternatively as fall-guys, scapegoats, useful idiots, stooges or dupes. It is necessary that they be of low mental ability and great gullibility, since their mission is to be part of false-flag groups which pretend to be working for a cause, while in reality they are under the control of a private network inside the US government... It is vital for the terrorist controllers that the patsies not realize that this or that comrade in arms is actually a double agent, a provocateur working for the parallel CIA or some other complicit agency,(of which more will be said later. The best candidates for the patsy role are psychotics, psychopaths, or sociopaths. They may be fanatics bursting with criminal energy and criminal intent, or they may be pathetic ideologues and naifs. Frequently they are also misfits, bunglers, and generally maladroit in what they undertake.

The most famous patsy is(of course)Lee Harvey Oswald, the archetype of the embittered, lonely misfit and drifter. gut he was a misfit with a difference, one who was able to move from the Marine Corps to émigré status in the USSR, then back to Texas and New Orleans as an activist for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Oswald was someone who seemed to go out of his way to be abrasive and to attract attention. He handed out leaflets for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and got involved in altercations with anti-Castro Cubans. He appeared in a radio debate, and was interviewed on television. He took a surprise trip to Mexico City to visit the Soviet Embassy there. He did everything possible to get noticed. Indeed, he got noticed so much that at various times there may have been two or even three Oswald doubles running around, something that would have required the resources of a major intelligence organization like the CIA or the FBI.

... Oswald was most likely an FBI informant, working for Special Agent Guy Bannister in New Orleans. But this did not protect him from being fingered as the assassin, nor did it save him from being silenced by Jack Ruby before he could ever testify in his own defense. The problem with Oswald, as with so many patsies, is that he was neither physically nor technically capable of carrying out the crime which has been ascribed to him: using his antiquated Italian 1917 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle with its crude little telescopic sight, it is clear that Oswald could never have fired with sufficient speed and accuracy the four or five shots (at minimum) that were actually heard on Dealey Plaza that day, and which are necessary to account for the number of wounds suffered by President Kennedy and Governor Connally, plus other shots that missed their target.

The government bureaucracy can be thought of as a gigantic freight train. With the successful terrorist act, a switch is turned, and the entire train goes rumbling in a new direction. The transformation achieved by a successful act of spectacular terrorism goes beyond what can be achieved by mere directives emanating from the office of the president or some cabinet secretary. Public opinion is shocked and stunned; the Congress is stampeded; the entire bureaucracy senses that the terrorist controllers have proven that it is they who are the strongest... The bureaucracy therefore inclines to the side of the plotters.

Once the new policy has been institutionalized, every bureaucrat will attempt to defend it as a matter of self-preservation. Bureaucratic inertia will now adapt itself to the new party line.

When we get to the level of spectacular international terrorism of the type represented by 9/11, it is clear that only skilled professionals have the physical ability to produce the effects observed.

... [Expert professionals] are the well-trained, well-equipped operatives who really do have the technical, physical, and mental ability to bring about the terrorist acts which the public sees. They are the members of the team which was indeed able, using the best state-of-the-art sniper rifles and related equipment, to fire the requisite number of shots in Dealey Plaza, and to fire them with sufficient accuracy within the objective time limits imposed by the situation. They are the ice-cold technocrats of death who were able to direct the aircraft into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The expert professionals are the persons who can accomplish the amazing feats which the media attribute to the pathetic patsies.

The expert professionals [assassins/terrorists] do not have to be ideologues, they are not raving fanatics in the way that the patsies tend to be. They are proud of their professional competence. Not infrequently, they are mercenary in their motivation, they do not try to get noticed. They are not abrasive, and they do not go out o their way to pick quarrels with passersby. They do not give interviews, and would never hand out leaflets. Their goal is the lowest possible profile, even complete anonymity. They would always like to escape attention, and to melt away into the shadows. They come from out of town, and disappear as soon as their work is done. Their main occupational hazard is not that of arrest by the police, but the risk of being liquidated by their own employers as a basic security measure.

General Edward Lansdale was one of the most prominent practitioners of special forces, special operations, and related utopian military methods during the / Cold War. He was one of the leading architects of the catastrophic US involvement in Vietnam. Lansdale was the founder of the US Special Warfare ( School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Lansdale worked closely together with Allen Dulles, the Wall Street lawyer who became the head of the CIA during the Eisenhower administration, and who cooked up the plan for the Bay of Pigs and foisted it off on the newly inaugurated President Kennedy. When the Bay of Pigs failed, and Kennedy wisely decided to cut his losses by not throwing more military assets into what was already a hopeless debacle, the Allen Dulles clique and many counterinsurgency-oriented military officers blamed not their own incompetent planning, but Kennedy. In February, 1962, Robert Kennedy told Lansdale that his covert Operation Mongoose, a plot to kill Castro, should be frozen, and the emphasis shifted to gathering intelligence.

The Dulles-Lemnitzer-Lansdale networks should not be thought of as an extinct feature of the past, but rather as a living presence in the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, and other agencies. Given the track record of this network, they must necessarily come under scrutiny in the context of 9/11.

Operation Northwoods was a plan to provoke a war with Cuba ... The Northwoods documents start from the premise that the US should be seeking war with Cuba over the short term for the purpose of regime change... Part of the effort would be to demonize Castro and his communist government.

... How could Castro be demonized? Northwoods: "Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government." In addition, "hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft could appear to continue as harassing measures condoned by the Government of Cuba."

Northwoods planners did not hesitate to prescribe attacks on US ships, planes or installations: "We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," they wrote; "casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.

Operation Northwoods document

it is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela. The destination would be chosen only to cause the night plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a. common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight.

a, An aircraft at Eglin APB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami. area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.

b. Take off times of the drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida. From the rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan. When over Cuba the drone will being transmitting on the international distress frequency a "MAY DAY' message stating he is under attack by Cuban NIG aircraft. The transmission will be interrupted by destruction of the aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal. This will allow ICAO radio stations in the Western Hemisphere to tell the US what has happened to the aircraft instead of the US trying to "sell" the incident.

author Sean McPhilemy, whose book, The Committee: Political Assassination in Northern Ireland, 1998 ... systematically documented the murderous collusion among the British government, the British military, the Royal Ulster Constabulary, Loyalist paramilitary death squads, and respected Protestant citizens in planning and perpetrating the murders of Republican paramilitaries and Catholics.

The CIA has long recruited media managers and media personalities to be its agents of influence. The corporate bosses of the media conglomerates, in their capacity as powerful oligarchs, may also be more or less witting parties to the unfolding [terrorist] operation.

It is hardly likely that the command center of 9/11 could have been in the upper reaches of government, and far more likely that it was outside of government altogether... in a myriad of private military firms, technology companies, think tanks, law firms, public relations firms, and front companies of all types.

Large-scale synthetic terrorism of the 9/11 type is generally conducted, not so much by identifiable institutions acting as a totality, but rather by a network or faction of like-minded plotters which cuts across the institutions transversally. It is not the visible, elected government which plots terrorism, but rather the parallel, invisible, or secret government, and that secret government is hidden inside the public and elected one.

The essence of this phenomenon is a private network which has ensconced its operatives in decisive, influential positions, from which entire bureaucracies can be controlled, manipulated, or paralyzed.

... The secret, private network at the higher levels of the US government which was behind 9/11 has been around for some time.

... It is an aggressive, imperialistic, murderous network, restlessly seeking to preserve itself through conflict and confrontation.

After the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the US oligarchy made a collective pledge that never would they ever allow an elected leader actually to exercise the constitutional powers of the presidency.

The oligarchy favors [presidential] candidates who are intellectually and morally incapable of governing according to the full powers of the office, and who are therefore willing to have their options pre-determined by servants of finance oligarchy from the Washington establishment. In any case, much of the original power of the presidency has been transferred to the unelected and unaccountable Federal Reserve Board.

The United States devastated Iraq at the beginning of the decade [2003]... The unspeakable suffering in Iraq was made much worse by the US-backed and UN-enforced economic sanctions of 1990-2003, which, in violation of all relevant international law, banned the import of food and medicine... The estimates of the number of Iraqi victims of these murderous sanctions vary widely, but it seems likely that the number of fatalities involved is between 500,000 and 1,000,000, with infants, children, and elderly people - all non-combatants - accounting for the majority. Some estimates take the death toll above 2 million Iraqis.

'Global Hawk' is a guidance system developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Pentagon. Global Hawk is a robot plane.

Global Hawk press release, April 2001

The Global Hawk, a jet-powered aircraft with a wingspan equivalent to a Boeing 737 flew from Edwards Air Force Base in California and landed ... at the Royal Australian Air Force base at Edinburgh, in South Australia... it set a world record for the furthest a robotic aircraft has flown between two points. The Global Hawk flies along a pre-programmed flight path.

The existence of [Global Hawk robotic aircraft] technology in a fully operational form raises the possibility that it might have been installed in commercial airliners, and further that it may have been such airliners under the control of a Global Hawk equivalent which crashed into the WTC and the Pentagon.

writer Thierry Messan of Réseau Voltaire's [an international nonprofit organization in Paris]

From 10 AM to 8 PM approximately, American officials did not think that those strikes [9/11 WTC attacks] were the result of Middle Eastern terrorists, but that they manifested an attempted military coup by American extremists capable of provoking nuclear war.

1. The government's assertion that the so-called [9/11] hijackers operated without being detected by official surveillance is untenable, and evidence is strong that the alleged hijackers acted in coordination with a faction within the government itself. The hijackers were therefore in all probability expendable double agents or patsies.

2. The government's assertion that the four supposedly hijacked airliners were taken over and piloted by the four accused hijackers identified by the FBI is at or beyond the limits of physical and technical reality. The planes were in all probability guided to their targets by some form of remote access or remote control.

3. The government's assertion that the failures of air defense were caused by the fog of war is lame and absurd. Air defense was in all probability sabotaged by moles operating inside the government.

4. The government's assertion that a Boeing 757-200 hit the Pentagon is physically impossible. Some other type of flying object, possibly a cruise missile, must therefore be considered.

5. The government's assertion that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed as a result of the impact of aircraft and of the subsequent fire is physically impossible. The fall of the towers cannot be explained without the hypothesis of controlled demolition of some form, possibly including unconventional methods employing new physical principles.

6. The government's assertion that World Trade Center 7 collapsed at 5:20 PM EDT on September 11 purely as a result of fire is physically impossible. The collapse of WTC 7 is coherent with controlled demolition of the conventional type.

7. The government's assertion that United Flight 93 crashed because of actions by the hijackers or because of a struggle in the cockpit is physically impossible, given the pattern in which the wreckage was distributed. All evidence points towards the hypothesis that United 93 was shot down by US military aircraft.

8. The government's refusal to investigate insider trading in American Airlines and United Airlines put options, the wholesale seizure and destruction of evidence, the systematic intimidation of witnesses by the FBI, and a series of other incidents point unmistakably to an attempted cover-up on the part of the entire US government and establishment.

The anthrax incidents of October 2001 must be regarded as an integral part of the entire 9/11 operation ... since it is here that the cause-and-effect relationship reaching into the secure weapons labs and military facilities of the US federal government is the most obvious. Anthrax cannot be synthesized by a rag-tag band in a distant cave. Weaponized anthrax can only be obtained at the US Army's biological weapons facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and at a very few other centers of the same type controlled by other governments. The existence of weaponized anthrax is ipso facto a strong case for US government collusion in terror attacks on this country [9/11].

9/11 was carried out primarily by a US-centered rogue network or invisible government faction, but it was not carried out alone. The foreign intelligence service which contributed the most indirect support to 9/11 was unquestionably the British MI-6. The cooperation and interpenetration of the Anglo-American intelligence agencies is so overwhelming and so thoroughly institutionalized that it is hardly noticed by US commentators. The CIA and MI-6 are virtually Siamese twins sharing a number of vital organs.

President Abraham Lincoln to his friend Herndon on February 15, 1848

Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so, whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such purpose - and you allow him to make war at pleasure .... Kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars.

US society today is neither a tyranny nor a democracy; it is organized from top to bottom according to the principle of oligarchy or plutocracy.

In an oligarchical society characterized by the preponderant role of secret intelligence agencies - such as the United States at the beginning of the twenty-first century - anyone who rules out conspiracies 'a priori' runs the risk of not understanding very much of what is going on.

"Conspiracy theorist" as an all-purpose term of 'ad hominem' argument to dismiss arguments which cannot be refuted, goes back to the years after the Kennedy assassination, when the public was expected to accept that it was US government policy that this great crime, along with the further assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 1968, would remain permanently unsolved, and that those who objected would be vilified.

Received opinion in the United States has come to regard the official version of the events of 9/11, that is to say the 9/11 myth, as normal.

... in the aftermath of 9/11 US public life has come to be founded more and more upon an outright fantastic myth which is often invoked, but never demonstrated or proven.

... the prevalence of the [9/11] myth reflects a mass psychopathology of delusion and false consciousness, a turning away from reality into a politics of myth.

Why does anybody believe the official story of 9/11, with all of its absurdities?

psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank in his book 'Bush On The Couch'

The individual who clings tenaciously to unverified beliefs confuses his beliefs with fact, and often inflicts this confusion on others in his struggle to resolve it in his favor. When many people are persuaded to subscribe to the same pretense, of course, it can gain the aura of objectivity.

British psychoanalyst Ron Britton

Shared phantasy can gain the same or even greater status than knowledge.

Shared beliefs can come to define a community; religion is, after all, a communal structure, uniting groups in shared beliefs. In societies where religion is especially powerful, such shared beliefs can actually become law, imposed on others, often restricting their behavior.

Niccolo Machiavelli, The Art of War

No one can be called a good man who, in order to support himself, takes up a profession that obliges him at all times to be rapacious, fraudulent, and cruel, as of course must be all of those no matter what their rank - who make a trade of war.

The basic neocon outlook ... is an embrace of war, violence, hatred, coups, martial law, and ... terrorism.

Neocons are famous for helping one another up the career ladder, and for teaching courses based only on neocon texts. They are narrow-minded, sectarian, and essentially ignorant of philosophy and history. They are an ideological faction, often a fanatical faction.

neocon Leo Strauss

It is the participation in bloody political struggles ... which raises man above the brutes.

[neocon Leo Strauss's] universal and homogeneous state [refers] to something which the ordinary person might identify as peace, progress, and prosperity, with a good measure of equality and international harmony. For most people, such a situation might seem to be almost ideal, but for the self-styled neocon intellectual, it represents the abolition of all human values and of everything that makes life worth living.

The US Constitution mandates that the government pursue the General Welfare, but for the neocons this is anathema, since among other things it threatens their most cherished principle - oligarchy.

Irving Kristol interviewed in late summer 2001 - by Corey Robin, assistant professor of political science at Brooklyn College in the City University of New York, Washington Post, May 2004

I think it would be natural for the United States ... to play a far more dominant role in world affairs.., to command and give orders as to what is to be done. People need that. There are many parts of the world where an authority willing to use troops can make... a healthy difference.

Corey Robin, assistant professor of political science at Brooklyn College in the City University of New York, Washington Post, May 2004

Though conservatives reputedly favor wealth and prosperity, law and order, stability and routine, they disdained Clinton for his very pursuit of these virtues. His quest for affluence, they argued, produced a society that lost its depth and political meaning.

Corey Robin, assistant professor of political science at Brooklyn College in the City University of New York, Washington Post, May 2004

[Bill] Clinton's vision of a benign international order, conservatives argued, betrayed an unwillingness to take on a world of power and violence, of mysterious evil and unfathomable hatred. Coping with such a world requires pagan courage and barbaric virtue, qualities many conservatives embrace over the more prosaic goods of peace and prosperity.

The neocons ... see 9/11 as an opportunity to exalt their "political virtues such as heroism and struggle" over "the numbing politics of affluence" because of their new-found ability to go to the public with "calls for sacrifice and destiny." The neocons were afflicted by a self-righteous and hypocritical megalomania.

Corey Robin, assistant professor of political science at Brooklyn College in the City University of New York, Washington Post, May 2004

At the turn of the millennium, the neocon faction was searching for new opportunities for conflict and violence. When those opportunities arrived, the neocons rejoiced and rushed into their favorite enterprise of sending other people's children into useless wars.

Nazi Carl Shmitt, the main legal theorist of the Third Reich

For [the main legal theorist of the Third Reich Nazi Carl] Shmitt, politics comes down to the distinction between friend and foe. Starting from this extremely meager reduction of human motivation, he goes on to equate politics with warfare: if there is no warfare or conflict, then politics is dead, and life is no longer worth living. Schmitt therefore wants politics to be the monopoly of a strong state, and he does not like the idea that the state or the government could be influenced by the citizens. Schmitt's thought is thus revealed as authoritarian, dictatorial, fascistic.

George Orwell ... suggested in '1984' that the endless war among Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia was really a war waged by each of these states against its own population, for the purpose of perpetuating a hierarchical society.

[Frederick] Nietzsche was full of contempt and hatred for the middle class, family life, and the quest for economic security, which he always saw in connection with the inferior "last men." Nietzsche is the great glorifier of war, conflict, violence, and cruelty, which he regards not just as unavoidable but also as positive goods We think that hardness, forcefulness, slavery, danger in the alley and the heart, life in hiding, stoicism, the art of experiment and deviltry of every kind, that everything evil, terrible, tyrannical in man, everything in him that is kin to beasts of prey and serpents, serves the enhancement of the species 'man' as much as its opposite does."

It is from [Frederick] Nietzsche that today's neocons derive their endless fascination with warfare and bloodshed:

Frederick Nietzsche in 'Zarathustra'

You should always be such men as are always looking for an enemy - for your enemy. And with some of you there is hate at first sight. You should seek your enemy and wage your war - a war for your opinions .... You should love peace as a means to new wars. And the short peace more than the long. I do not exhort you to work but to battle. I do not exhort you to peace, but to victory. May your work be a battle, may your peace be a victory! You say it is the good cause that hallows even war? I tell you: it is the good war that hallows every cause. War and courage have done more great things than charity.

Frederick Nietzsche in 'Zarathustra'

You should always be such men as are always looking for an enemy - for your enemy. And with some of you there is hate at first sight. You should seek your enemy and wage your war - a war for your opinions .... You should love peace as a means to new wars. And the short peace more than the long. I do not exhort you to work but to battle. I do not exhort you to peace, but to victory. May your work be a battle, may your peace be a victory!

Frederick Nietzsche

"What does nihilism mean?

That the highest values are devalued. The goal is missing: the answer to 'why?' is missing.

the Roman Emperor Caligula

Let them hate me, as long as they fear me.

A storm cellar for neocons and failed pols in the Rumsfeld Pentagon has been the Defense Policy Board, chaired by Richard Perle, the virulent neocon warmonger whom British Labour Party Foreign Secretary Dennis Healey dubbed the "prince of darkness" back in the 1980s. On September 19, 2001, Perle used the Defense Policy Board as the springboard for the neocon war drive against Iraq that produced an unprovoked and aggressive war in March 2003. Other members / of the Defense Policy Board included: Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Helmut Sonnenfeldt, Fred Ikle, James Schlesinger, Dan Quayle, Harold Brown, James Woolsey, and Newt Gingrich.

The presence of a large mass of apocalyptic Armageddon thinkers in American life is a serious problem, since some versions of this belief structure call upon the individual to act in ways which are thought to accelerate the end time towards world catastrophe, thus speeding the return of the Messiah.

... Apocalyptic and Armageddon thinkers in the high ranks of the military services represent an even more serious problem than they do in the society in general. How can we let a self-styled "evangelical Christian" close to a nuclear button, when that person's demented belief structure may dictate that the launching of a rogue missile attack on Russia, China or some Arab state would bring with it the beneficial by-product of the end of the world and the creation of the kingdom of God on earth.

The 'Armageddon Factor - the powerful Christian fundamentalist elements in the United States, who are applying massive pressure on the American Administration, to give full backing to the Israelis, so that the fundamentalists can achieve their Armageddon aims.

a speech by Reverend Colonel James Ammerman in a videotape popular among militia groups in the 1990s was 'The Imminent Military Takeover of the United States'.

There is a network of colonels and above, throughout the military, who would stand by the Constitution and against the President. They know who they are, and they are in close communication with each other. They could control the country if they need to.

Nicolo Machiavelli warned the Italian princes in his 'Art of War' [1521] that unemployed mercenaries and professional soldiers would inevitably stir up coups and conflicts in order to procure jobs and glory for themselves.

Defeated and unemployed military officers represent a dangerous phenomenon in any society, and today this problem is compounded by the issue of a mercenary (or all-volunteer) force.

Nicolo Machiavelli in his 'Art of War' , 1521

Governments should fear those persons who make war their only business. And if a prince has not enough power over his infantry to make them disband and return cheerfully to their former occupations when a war is over, he is on the road to being ruined. For no infantry can be so dangerous as that which is composed of men who make war their only calling, because a prince either must keep them continually engaged in war, or must constantly keep them paid in peacetime, or must run the risk of their stripping him of his kingdom.

Nicolo Machiavelli in his 'Art of War' , 1521

Governments should fear those persons who make war their only business.

September 11th, 2001

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