excerpts from the book

September 11 and the U.S. War

Beyond the Curtain of Smoke

Edited by Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke

City Lights Books, 2002

Origins and Perspectives

The Theatre of Good and Evil - Eduardo Galeano,
Who is Osama bin Laden? by Michel Chossudovsky,
U.S. Policy Toward Political Islam - Stephen Zunes

The Geopolitics of War - Michael T. Klare,
U.S. Policy On Iran and Southwest Asia - John Tirman

Oil, Drugs and Blood - Ben Clarke,
September 11, Day of Infamy in U.S. & Chile - Roger Burbach

The U.S. Terrorists - Conn Hallinan,
The Smell of Smoke - Margo Pepper

War Is Peace - Arundhati Roy (from the book Power Politics)

Blood, Tears, Terror and Tragedy Behind the Lines - Robert Fisk,
We Are the War Criminals Now - Robert Fisk

Voting Against the War - Statement of Rep. Barbara Lee,
Rule of Law vs. Rule of War - Jeff Cohen,
The West Shares the Blame - Baltasar Garzon

Questions About America's Anti-terrorism Crusade - Martin A. Leem,
The Failure of U.S. Foreign Policies - Manning Marable,
Violence Doesn't Work - Howard Zinn

September 11th, 2001

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