End Socialism in All Its Forms!

by For Madison

www.smirkingchimp.com/, December 19, 2009


Socialism, in all its forms, is Evil. We know this now. We certainly can't have any Socialism corrupting our health care system. But now that we know that Socialism is Evil, we must root it out everywhere it exists.

The school system! Paid for with our tax dollars, the free public school system is definitely socialism at work. Let's close it down now. People who can afford to, can send their kids to private schools. All other kids can just be ignorant. They can sit around at home, or play in the streets, until they're old enough to work.

Parks are definitely socialist. Paid for and maintained with our tax dollars for public use, let's shut them down now. Better yet, let's sell them to the highest bidders and let the Market dictate how all that public land will be used.

Roads are socialist. They are also maintained by tax dollars. Let's stop doing that right now. Who cares if we can't drive on them within a couple of years? Having the roads deteriorate is a small price to pay for rooting out socialism. Anyway, rich people can fly wherever they need to go, and the rest of us don't matter.

Bridges, levies, and building codes, those are all maintained by socialism. Let's let them all go. Who cares if houses fall down, if levies collapse, if bridges fail? That's better than socialism!

The fire department is socialist. Let's get rid of it, and have privately owned and run fire departments instead. The very first fire companies were private. You paid your money, and you got a plaque on your house that said you were protected. If your house caught on fire, and you didn't have the plaque, the fire company would just ignore the fire. Strangely, houses that didn't have plaques seemed to burn down right after the owners refused to pay the fire company for their "protection." Let's do that again, that is such a good idea!

The police are socialist, paid for with public money. Let's get rid of that, and have private police forces bid for contracts in each city, county, and as a replacement for the highway patrol. Private companies can hire people and call them policemen, we can close the state Police Academies that train police "To Protect and to Serve," because privately paid policemen are better, because they're not socialist! Yup, I'd sure like to call those people to my house when I'm in trouble! Cheap thugs for police! What a great idea.

The Justice System is socialist. It, too, is paid for by our tax dollars. Let's take all the judges, all the district attorneys, all the public defenders, off the state payroll. People can hire judges privately if they need a case settled. Or, they can just hire some thugs to go "police" the people who are opposing them. That is the beauty of the marketplace! Money settles everything for the best! (If you're the one that has the money).

Taking socialism out of our health care system was a great idea right from the start. Why should we be able to go the doctor, the way we can send our kids to school, for free, and whenever we want to? Who cares that we're the only country in the world that allows a for-profit health insurance industry! Just like the school system, and the parks, and fire department, and the police, and the roads, and the justice system, our health care system is much better off, because there's no socialism in it at all!

Congress used to be socialist, but, thank heaven, it isn't anymore. It used to be run by the people for the public good, but now wealthy donors support Congress peoples' re-elections, and millions upon millions of dollars in lobbyists (five per Congress person!) and donations have made sure that Congress isn't socialist anymore. And that's why our health care system is not going to be tainted by socialism either, thank the Lord!

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