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The Philippines Revolution (3/99)
Philippines: Arroyo turns the "war on terrorism" into war on the left
Washington's military intervention deepens - in the Philippines
Mutiny in Manila
State of Emergency in the Philippines (3/06)
Philippines: The Killing Fields of Asia (5/06)
Philippines: Death Squad Democracy (3/07)
Global War On Terror: The Philippines (12/07)
Robert McNamara's Second Vietnam - Philippines (7/09)
Undeclared Martial Law: The Violation of Fundamental Human Rights in the Philippines (1/10)


East Timor - Questions and Answers
US Complicity in Timor
Accomplices to Terror - latest betrayal of East Timor
Genocide in East Timor
Two Indonesias, Two Americas
U.S. involvement in East Timor genocide
Genocide in Paradise
Here We Go Again - U.S. renewing military ties to Indonesia
East Timor Celebrates: Birth of a Nation at Peace
Aceh's Agony
Resource War in Aceh - Indonesia crushes insurgencies
The Other Aftershock (2/05)
Funding Indonesia's Abusive Military (9/07)
Accountability for Suharto's Crimes Must Not Die With Him (1/08)
Expected Obama Administration Backing for Indonesian State Terror (3/10)
Washington's Indonesian Bully Boys (3/10)

East Timor

US support for Indonesia genocide - from the book - East Timor: Genocide in Paradise
APEC, the U.S. & East Timor - US involvement in genocide in Indonesia (1/95)
Australia's Oil Grab - East Timor (3/05)


The US in Cambodia -- a history
Uncle Sam and Pol Pot
On the side of Pol Pot - U.S. supports Khmer Rouge (6/90)
The Friends of Pol Pot
US intervention in Cambodia from bombs to ballots (9/97)

Pol Pot's Death In The Propaganda System
Letter From Cambodia (6/04)
Bombs Over Cambodia: New Light on US Air War (5/07)
Lies, Lies, and More Lies, [about Cambodia] in History-Illiterate America (8/07)
Cambodia's New War [for resources] (4/09)

Burma (Myanmar)

Burma, Inc.
The Burma-Singapore Axis: Globalizing the Heroin Trade
Profits at Gunpoint - Unocal's pipeline in Burma
A Necessary Revolution
How to Commit the Perfect Dictatorship
Burmese Ethics (10/05)
Burmese Military (11/05)
Inside Burma's rebel army: the struggle against a regime propped up by foreign oil (10/06)


Vietnam: the War the U.S. Lost (1/04)
The Legacy of Agent Orange (4/05)


CIA-assisted plot to overthrow Laos foiled (6/07)

U.S.Foreign Policy and Pentagon

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