Torture watch

STOP Camapign - stop torture permanently


Hidden Terrors
Politics of Cruelty, The - Kate Millett


Torture - State terrorism vs. Democracy

Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People

Torture's Teachers by A.J. Langguth (6/79)

Disguise and deny - torture
School of the Americas: School of Assassins, USA
Textbook Repression: US training manuals declassified
Torture 101 in the US School of the Americas (SOA)
Up For It - Monsters or ordinary people - who are the torturers?
Myanmar: The institution of torture - Amnesty International
The Torture Trade
The Wide World of Torture
In Torture We Trust?

United States As Torture Central - U.S. sponsors regimes using torture extensively (5/04)
Amnesty Accuses US Over Torture (5/05)
Amnesty International - 2005 Annual Report Calls for Investigation of U.S. Interrogation Techniques (5/05)
'Never Before!' Our Amnesiac Torture Debate (12/05)
Torture as National Policy (3/06)
US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites - International Committee of the Red Cross report on treatment of detainees in CIA custody - February 2007 (4/09)

America, Torture and Hypocrisy [International Committee of the Red Cross report on U.S. Torture] (4/09)
The Bush Administration's Stunning Geneva Hypocrisy (4/09)
U.S. has a 45-year history of torture (5/09)

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