US and Third World

"... the only way to fully comprehend U.S. policies toward the third world is to posit ... "the threat of a good example." Insurgencies in the third world do not challenge U.S. military security or even, ultimately, investments by U.S. corporations.... What they represent is the possibility that emerging nations may demonstrate by example that the United States may not be the last word in democracy, freedom, and opportunity. That threat is much greater if weighed from the perspective of those who see it in their interest to preserve unchanged the present U.S. economic and political order."

Frances Moore Lappe', Rachel Shuman, and Kevin Danaher, authors

Friendly dictators


Confronting the Third World
Intervention and Revolution - The United States in the Third World
Low Intensity Warfare - The New Interventionism
Clash of Civilizations - Samuel Huntington
US support for Indonesia genocide - from the book - East Timor: Genocide in Paradise



Tainted Legacy - Dancing with Dictators
A "killing field" in the Americas: US policy in Guatemala
On the Side of Pol Pot: U.S. Supports Khmer Rouge (6/90)

The National Endowment for Democracy
Project X, drugs and death squads (3/97)
The Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot (9/97)
School of the Americas - School of Assassins, USA
"Making the world safe for hypocrisy" - Michael Parenti

"The fundamental assumption that the United States retains the right and obligation to intervene in the Third World in any way it ultimately deems necessary, including military, remains an article of faith among the people who guide both political parties."

Gabriel Kolko, Confronting the Third World

Teaching torture at US School of the Americas
US aid to Third World - 1995
APEC, the U.S. & East Timor - US involvement in genocide in Indonesia (1/95)
United States arms sales - 1991 -1995
U.S. AID go home! (1/96)

It Never Happened (2/97)
Time for a Truth Commission for US
US intervention in Cambodia from bombs to ballots (9/97)

Textbook Repression: US Training Manuals Declassified (9/97)
Washington's Role in Colombian Repression (1/98)

Our "Man in Mexico" and the Chiapas Massacre - Mexico is a virtual trade colony of the U.S. (4/98)
Two Indonesias, Two Americas (7/98)

Haitian Lament : Killing Me Softly (3/99)
United States and Colombia (3/99)

The Philippines Revolution - What are the alternatives to neoliberalism? (3/99)


"We live constantly with the tensions and costs of the United States' aggressive foreign policy, which not only affects profoundly the likelihood of war or peace throughout the world but also imposes monumental constraints on urgently needed social and economic changes in the Third World today."

Gabriel Kolko, Confronting the Third World

US and child labor
FBI Overseas
School of the Americas -- Torture Manuals
A Muffled Trumpet - US hypocrisy of intervention (11/99)
GIobal Rollback: After communism - Parenti
From El Salvador To Iraq: Death Squads Come In Waves (1/05)

"A brutally repressive regime was essential to America's interests ... and Washington had no hesitation in immediately endorsing the new order and aiding it, revealing again its two-decades-long preference for dictators and repressive regimes in the hemisphere. Chile also proved once more that the United States could never gracefully accept the verdict of democratic politics in any nation, where anti-Yankee sentiment was overwhelming for fear of seeing not only its local investments lost but also encouraging anti-United States economic legislation elsewhere in the hemisphere."

Confronting the Third World

NED [National Endowment for Democracy] Targets Venezuela (5/04)
Harvest of Shame: Report Accuses Child Labor Abuses in Guatemala (3/07)

Foreign Policy and Pentagon

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