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Web of Debt - the Shocking Truth About Our Money System



Who Owns The Federal Reserve? (10/08)
Ground Zero on Wall Street (12/08)
The Wall Street Ponzi Scheme called "Fractional Reserve" Banking (12/08)
Nationalize the Federal Reserve - "American Monetary Act" (3/09)

Revive Lincoln's Monetary Policy - an open letter to President Obama (4/09)
The Weimar Hyperinflation? Could it Happen Again? (5/09)
The IMF to Play Role of Global Central Bank? (10/09)
Lessons from the Japanese: Time to Stop Borrowing Money and Start Printing It (12/09)
How States Can Escape the Credit Crisis: Own A Bank (12/09)
EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way (12/09)
Escape from Pottersville: The North Dakota Model for Capitalizing Community Banks (1/10)

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