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Canada plays big role in propping up Haiti regime (1/05)
Canada's Growing Role In Haitian Affairs -part I (3/05)
Haiti Q & A - the 2004 Coup against Aristide in Haiti & Canada's involvement (6/05)
Haiti and Media - Canada's involvement in Haiti (6/05)
Canada's New Export to Haiti - Fair and Balanced Reporting (8/05)
The UN in Haiti: Part of the problem, not the solution (8/05)
Canada Sponsors Illegal Membership of Haiti to Caribbean Development Bank (11/05)
Haiti is 'fixed' - [Canada's role in the de-democratization of Haiti] (12/05)
Abandon this Neocolonial Adventure! [Canada's role in ousting Aristide & Haitian democracy] (12/05)
Canada, Haiti, the UN (1/06)
Silence on Haiti in Canada (1/06)
Averting Election Theft in Haiti (2/06)
America's Historic Debt to Haiti (2/06)
Abandoning Hypocrisy - Canada in Afghanistan (9/06)
Legitimizing Polyarchy - Canada's "Democracy Promotion" in Latin America and Caribbean (10/06)
Canada: The New Christian Right (11/06)

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