Ecuador watch

Rebellion in Ecuador
Perilous Prosperity
Trading Places - Protesters rock FTAA meetings in Quito
Showdown in Ecuador
Boiling Oil - ChevronTexaco
U'wa Overcome Oxy (2/04)
Ring of Fire - Indigenous communities & the impact of new trade deals in Ecuador and Bolivia (12/04)
Mining War in Ecuador (3/05)
Ecuador: People Drive Out President (4/05)
Ecuador to Evict U.S., Offer Air Base to China (12/07)
Greg Palast interviews President Correa of Ecuador] (12/07)
Chevron Lobbies White House to Pressure Ecuador to Stop $12 Billion Amazon Pollution Lawsuit - an Amy Goodman interview - August 5, 2008
Chevron vs. Ecuadorean activists - epic legal battle (5/09)

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