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"As U.S. involvement in Colombia escalates,
the situation looks more and more like Vietnam."

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South America

Return of the Repressed? - South America in Age of US Supremacy
The Condor Case [Operation Condor] - The human costs of militarization in Latin America (1/07)
Union of South American Nations [UNASUR]
Obama, Is Preparing for War in South America - Mike Whitney interviews Eva Golinger (12/09)


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Kissinger and The 'Dirty War' (10/87)
Another IMF Crash - Argentina
The Costs of Orthodoxy|
A Rich Country Goes Bust Again
Who Shot Argentina ?
Argentina's Revolt
Economic Debacle in Argentina
The Argentine Rebellion
The Sacking of Argentina
Disasters of Neoliberalism
Argentina: Epidemic Spreads in Latin America
Argentine military felt secure U.S. backed quashing of leftists ('70s)
Argentina - Between disintegration and revolution
The Unstable Economy in Argentina
Argentina's Elections
Argentine Workers Take Over Abandoned Factories (3/04)
The Long Climb [Argentina] (1/05)
Kirchner's Argentina (11/06)


Rural Landless Workers Movement of Brazil
Brazil - The Struggle Against Neoliberalism
The IMF and the Brazilian election
Two Models of Land Reform and Development - Brazil
Daring democracy -- Porto Alegre, Brazil
Looking for the Da Silva Lining in Brazil
Now It Is Time: The MST and Grassroots Land Reform in Brazil
Lula Raises the Stakes
Justice Vs Vatican [Brazil] (8/04)
Stun The Right, Outrage The Left-Two Years Of Lula's Rule In Brazil (1/05)


Invisible Hand and Iron Fist - Pinochet and Chile
U.S. in Chile - Pinochet
Hope Comes to Chile
Accountability on Chile
Thirty Years of Chilean Socialism
Chile, 9/11/73
Lessons of a Catastrophe [Chile]
Remembering Allende
Chile Declassified
Pinochet, Stripped (9/04)
Is Chile a Neoliberal Success? (9/04)
Tinker Bell, Pinochet and the Fairy Tale Miracle of Chile (12/06)
Chile: The Good Democracy? (6/07)
The Other 9/11: September, the Cruelest Month in Chile (9/07)


What is the U.S. Military Doing in Paraguay? (8/05)
U.S. Military Eyes Paraguay - Rumors of an American base raise fears that the United States is there to stay (11/05)
Possibility of US military presence raises fears in Paraguay - visit by Rumsfeld stirs speculation (12/05)
The US Military Descends on Paraguay (7/06)
Bolívar to Take Asunción (Paraguay) - 2008 elections (5/07)
Dissecting the Politics of Paraguay's Next President (4/08)


Gringa in an Andean Prison
Lori Berenson - an interview with Ramsey Clark
Fujimori's Legacy
U.S. Meddling in Peruvian Presidential Race? (3/06)


Where the People Voted Against Fear - Uruguay - E Galeano (11/04)
Leftist Win in Uruguay Elections (12/09)

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