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Colombia and the United States - War, Unrest and Destabilization


"White lies" about the drug war an Colombia
Wanted Man
Colombia: The U.S. Military is ... on the Wrong Side
Drug Warriors - Colombia
Colombia: Our Next Guatemala?
Colombia on the Brink
GIobalization & Instability - The case of Colombia
Stop the War on Colombia
The Colombian Money Pit
US Policy Contradictory on Colombia
Miami South Com - US policy in Colombia
Colombia: The Politics of Escalation
Colombia: Washington's Next Dirty War
United States and Colombia (3/99)

The Colombia Plan: April 2000 - Chomsky
U.S. Intervention in Colombia and Ecuador
Paramilitaries, Drug Trafficking and U.S. Policy in Colombia
Washington's Role in Colombian Repression (1/98)
United States and Colombia
Clinton's Quagmire - in Colombia
Echoes of Vietnam
Plan Colombia
Into the Abyss - All-Out Destruction Looms in Colombia
Death Falls from the Sky - Plan Colombia's fumigation campaign
An Invasion Foretold - Terror triumphs in Colombia
Colombia's Oil War - U'wa battle Occidental
Colombia: Origins of FARC
Quagmire in Colombia
Plan Colombia: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Press
It's The Real Thing: Murder - Coca Cola in Colombia
A Permanent Yanqui War Against the Colombian Insurgency
U.S. escalates Colombia's dirty war
Picking Our Enemies - US Doesn't Mind Terrorists in Colombia
War in Colombia's Oilfields
Political Economy of Narco-Terror State - Colombia & corporate profits
Mayday Colombia
Stop Killer Coke! - Colombia
Plan Colombia Bleeds into Neighboring Countries (5/04)
Democracy and Plan Colombia (1/07)

Dominion of Evil - Colombia's paramilitary terror (3/07)
Polo Democrático's Challenge to Colombia (10/07)
War vs Peace: Colombia, Venezuela and the FARC Hostage Saga (2/08)
Colombia: Half Century of US Military Presence (8/09)
The Militarization of Latin America - Seven US military bases in Colombia (8/09)
Official US Air Force Document Reveals the True Intentions Behind the US-Colombia Military Agreement (11/09)

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