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The United States of Europe - the new superpower and the end of American supremacy by T. R. Reid



Family-Friendly Europe
Europe's Unwelcome Guests
40,000 Gather for a People's Europe (European Social Forum)
Who's Right Now? - Europe's far-right resurgence fizzles out
Clash of Civilizations - In the battle between America and Europe,
we better hope that they prevail
The European Model - how other nations support families (11/04)
New Power for 'Old Europe' (12/04)
Sweden vs England - Sweden proves neoliberals wrong about how to slash poverty (1/05)
What the EU constitution says (6/05)
NATO's Kosovo Colony (2/08)


A Bloody Mess -Britain's pension privatization scheme (2/05)
Exposing the Big Lie - Interview with George Galloway (9/05)
US says it has right to kidnap British citizens (12/07)
Massive Big Brother database will track every phone call and email sent in Britain (5/08)
War Comes Home To Britain (3/09)


Yugoslavia page

Bill Clinton's War
Bosnia: Behind the Democratic Facade
The Kosovo/NATO Conflict
False History Lessons
The NATO-Media Lie Machine
Where Are All the Bodies Buried? - NATO aggression in Yugoslavia


Deterring Democracy in Italy - interview with Noam Chomsky
Citizen Kane on Steroids - Berlusconi wins, democracy loses in Italy
Italy's 'House of Freedoms' - Berlusconi
Fascism's Face in Genoa
Mussolini's Ghost
Fascism in Genoa
Letter From ltaly
Anti-U.S. Uproar Sweeps Italy (5/07)


Greece: Social Democracy near collapse
General Strike In Greece


Turkey's Crisis
The Quiet Revolution - Turkey

U.S.Foreign Policy and Pentagon

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