"The Sole Superpower Syndrome"

" Military forces with global reach, as demonstrated by bombing, serve the interests of the U. S. - based transnational corporations dominant in the globalization process, by showing what can happen to countries that are slow to open markets or to install friendly regimes in power. Using boycotts and bombs to punish "rogues " who somehow presume to control their own markets and resources has been an integral feature of U.S. and western policy since 1917. Periodic bombing forays also help justify the large military establishment and allow it to reduce old inventories and display and experiment with new weapons.

... bombing is a political winner at home, with the media always getting on the chauvinistic bandwagon, and the public also regularly rallying around the flag and in support of our boys. George Bush's poll ratings rose as he bombed Iraq in 1991, with the reporters and public enthralled at our new clean war.

With the right-wing and mainstream media helping demonize anybody standing in our way, U.S. presidents are also regularly under pressure to drop bombs as a display of macho "character" and "leadership." Weak presidents are especially prone to bomb in order to quiet their critics and protect and improve their poll ratings...

... For the media, the U.S. has a right to bomb another country if it thinks it has any kind of case - it doesn't have to be sure of the facts, or rush to compensate the victims of its errors, any more than it is obliged to abide by international law. "

Edward S. Herman, economist and author



"The Sole Superpower Syndrome"

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