Orchestrating Health Crises

by Mitchel Cohen

Z magazine, January 2003


Under legislation submitted to states throughout the U. S., medical providers will be required to administer smallpox vaccines to the population whether people want them or not. Doctors will also fill out forms enabling the federal government to track those inoculated with smallpox vaccines.

According to the sample forms in the legislation, there are four different experimental vaccines. With a declaration of public health "emergency" the vaccines will be mandatory; several types will be genetically engineered and previously untested on human beings; and states will establish what amounts to internment or quarantine camps for those who have contracted smallpox (either through exposure, or by reaction to the vaccine) or who refuse to allow themselves to be vaccinated.

New York's version, which is similar to that introduced in legislatures across the country, establishes a Public Health Authority that may "isolate or quarantine...any person whose refusal of medical examination or testing results in uncertainty regarding whether such person has been exposed to or is infected with a contagious or possibly contagious disease, or otherwise poses a danger to public health."

The Bill goes on to say: "The Public Health Authority may isolate or quarantine-persons who are unable or unwilling for reasons of health, religion, or conscience to undergo vaccination-or treatment. "

The hysteria generated around orchestrated "health emergencies" has now gone from West Nile virus to anthrax to smallpox. In each case, more and more authoritarian infrastructure has been established that, without the hysteria, would have been much more strongly opposed by most people.

In September 1999, New York City began indiscriminately spraying toxic pesticides over urban areas, supposedly to prevent the spread of West Nile viral encephalitis. However, if the Centers for Disease Control's own assessment is to be believed, West Nile virus threatened very few people. Far more people have already been made sick, some seriously, from the pesticides being sprayed (see www.nospray.org).

The policy to spray over urban populations and ecosystems is now being promoted nationally by the Office of Homeland Security and other federal agencies for areas that have not even had any indication of West Nile Virus. They assert that this is a means for fighting bio-terrorism, an absurd rationalization for giving away millions of taxpayer dollars to the pesticide industry and giant pharmaceutical corporations. It has also turned out to be an essential component in establishing a 1984-type surveillance infrastructure, in the name of "health" and "fighting bio-terrorism." Absurd as the rationalizations are, every urban area is being told to spray pesticides on its population and environment, whether or not the area has experienced a West Nile viral outbreak-just as they are being ordered to mass-inoculate the citizenry for smallpox.

The author of that policy is Jerome Hauer, former head of the Office of Emergency Management in New York City, which oversaw the entire pesticide spray program. After a stint with Kroll Associates, Inc., as coordinator of security for the World Trade Center at the time of the attacks in 2001, Hauer, with long ties to the U.S. military's secret biological warfare development programs, now heads the new federal Office of Public Health Preparedness. This office was created in October 2001 to get these involuntary programs in place under the auspices of developing and coordinating federal plans to counter bioterrorist attacks and manage public health crises.

Hauer counts on the political assistance of "America's Mayor" and soon-to-be presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, whose national speaking tour is underwritten by pharmaceutical companies headed by Eli Lilly. Written into the now-passed Homeland Security Act is specific language limiting Eli Lilly's and other pharmaceutical companies' liability from lawsuits brought against them from people suffering negative reactions to vaccinations. The smallpox vaccines have in the past proven to be among the most dangerous. The vaccine has caused relatively high incidences of serious illness and death.

Hauer is also one of the key individuals to be promoting model legislation known as the Emergency Health Powers Act, which has been introduced into state legislatures across the country and that calls for the establishment of quarantine facilities for those who fall victim to smallpox and other diseases, as well as for those who refuse to take the vaccinations prescribed for them.

Meanwhile, the unquestioning acceptance of all aspects of these viral epidemic theories is resulting in restrictions of civil liberties far beyond the actual damage the diseases cause. Necessary discussions -about whether the viral theory is even correct and whether it is West Nile virus that has caused the 8 deaths attributed to it in the New York area over 3 years and around 50 deaths overall across the country are being suppressed.


Mitchel Cohen is the editor of Green Politix, the national newspaper of the Greens/Green Party USA, and is a founder of the No Spray Coalition.

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