Landmine & Cluster Bomb watch

Key Provisions - 1997 International Treaty to Ban Landmines

Nations that have signed the Landmine Treaty


Landmines: The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction
Antipersonnel Landmines -- the Eternal Sentinels
Defusing the Demon
War Surgeon
Making a Killing
Fields of Nightmares
Landmines: Deadly Hidden Killers
Deadly Ground - The U.S. stalls on land mines
A Surgeon's Touch [landmines] Howard Zinn (9/05)


Cluster bombs

Frequently Asked Questions about Cluster Munitions
Cluster Bombs: The Civilian Impact
Cluster Bombs in Afghanistan - HRW (10/01)

Above the Law and Below Morality: Data on 11 Weeks of U.S. Cluster-Bombing of Afghanistan (2/02)
Time bombs - legacy of cluster bombs (3/04)
What We Leave Behind - Cluster Bomb Casualties - Kosovo to Lebanon (12/06)
Cluster Bombs: The Realpolitik of U.S. Foreign Policy (2/07)
Cluster Bomb Ban Talks Open in Vienna (12/07)
Israel rules cluster bomb use legal - Israel is accused of dropping about four million cluster bombs in Lebanon (12/07)
Children Are Forty Percent of Cluster Bomb Casualties (2/08)
The Gardens of the Devil [cluster bombs] (2/08)
Countries push for ban on cluster bombs (5/08)
Negotiators Gather in Dublin to Ban Cluster Bombs (5/08)
Forty Years on, Laos Reaps Bitter Harvest of The Secret War (12/08)

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