New Global Economy


" I have come to the conclusion that the actual state of violence, composed of the malnutrition, ignorance, sickness, and hunger of the vast majority of the Guatemalan population, is the direct result of a capitalist system that makes the defenseless Indian compete against the powerful and well-armed landowner ."

Father Thomas Melville, Guatemala 1968



When Corporations Rule the World
Global Village or Global Pillage
World Poverty


How Bretton Woods reordered the world economy
Absolute Power
Understanding the Neoliberal Global Economy -- Chomsky
Work Ethics
Grameen Bank of Bangladesh
Military budgets - 1997
Corporate Empires
Global economic jargon of corporations
Trade War over Burma
State of the World -- New Internationalist
Pirate Privateers
Stolen Youth
Pentagon Capitalism
Tuna, drugs, and Mexico
Bailout for whom
Bailing out the Rich
Stealing from the Poor to Feed the Rich
Globalization is the Issue
Why call it reform ? - Russia
Combating Sweatshops
The World's Priorities - Annual Expenditures
Water FaIlout - Bolivians battle globalization
Fire Sale Earth
Eat, Sleep, Buy, Die
Our New Resource Crisis - water
The Global Alternative
Globalized Weaponry
Invasion of Iraq: Dollar vs Euro (2/04)
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (5/05)
Corporatocracy - interview with John Perkins author of 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' (12/05)
The Party of Davos (2/06)
Towards the North American Union (NAU): Privatization of Mexican Oil Will Advance SPP Objectives (7/08)

Transnational Corporations

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