excerpts from the book

When Corporations Rule the World

by David C. Korten

published by Kumarian Press, 1995

" The purpose of MAI-type agreements is to remove virtually all barriers to investment by corporations. Foreign investors would be required to be treated the same as domestic investors...

So while the MAI-and now its clones-would threaten nearly every public sector of national economies such as health care, education, and culture, government spending for the military weapons development and production, and direct support for weapons corporations are excluded from the liberalizing demands of such an agreement.

NAFTA mechanisms, as well as the WTO, IMF, and World Bank are totally / undemocratic, with no access by the people. They are run by the nations with the greatest wealth, the U.S. in the first place-with the corporations and banks pulling the strings...

So it is clear that the new world order of the free market promises further erosion of the U.N., more wars, destruction of sovereignty, elimination of social programs for the people, increasing poverty and joblessness, and the demise of democracy. "

Karen Talbot, CovertAction Quarterly magazine

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