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"The search of the young today is more specific than the ancient search for the Holy Grail. The search of the youth today is for ways and means to make the machine - and the vast bureaucracy of the corporation state and of government that runs that machine - the servant of man. That is the revolution that is coming. It could be a revolution in the nature of an explosive political regeneration. It depends on how wise the Establishment is. If, with its stockpile of arms, it resolves to suppress the dissenters, America will face, I fear, an awful ordeal."

William O. Douglas, Points of Rebellion, 1969, p96

Points of Rebellion

"Our upside down welfare state is "socialism for the rich, free enterprise for the poor." The great welfare scandal of the age concerns the dole we give rich people."

William O. Douglas, Points of Rebellion, 1969, p68


Quotations - from the book Points of Rebellion

"The interests of the corporation state are to convert all the riches of the earth into dollars."

William O. Douglas, Points of Rebellion, 1969, p10

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