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On the Duty of Civil Disobedience - Henry David Thoreau

"The modern susceptibility to conformity and obedience to authority indicates that the truth endorsed by authority is likely to be accepted as such by a majority of people, who are innately obedient to authority. This obedience-truth will then become a consensus-truth accepted by many individuals unable to stand alone against the majority. In this way, the truth promulgated by the propaganda system - however irrational - stands a good chance of becoming the consensus, and may come to seem self-evident common sense."

David Edwards, author of Burning All Illusions

Civil Liberties watch

" We believe that the government and the police have embarked on a strategy of repression to stop, crush or marginalize the burgeoning progressive movement that gained world attention in the protest against the WTO in Seattle last year."

International Action Center attorneys announcing the filing of a class-action lawsuit on behalf of protestors at the WTO Ministerial meeting in Seattle, Washington, April 1999

Albert Einstein letter - New York Times, Dec. 4, 1948

Reclaiming Einstein's Legacy

"A lot of Americans still recognize that dissenters are the real defenders of freedom."

Bill Keys, school board member, Madison Wisconsin

The War at Home - U.S. Military Civil Disturbance Planning



Church Committee Report on Domestic Intelligence
Bugs, Taps and Infiltrators: What to do about Political Spying
TIP SHEET for Staff Organizers - Common Sense Security
Know Your Rights- National Lawyers Guild



Points of Rebellion - William O. Douglas
Silencing Political Dissent
Why Societies Need Dissent - Cass R. Sunstein


" The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity - much less dissent."

Gore Vidal, novelist and critic


Organizing after September 11
Lessons of Quebec City
Setting "New Standards" for Police Repression - Quebec City
Opening a crack in history
Will the Feds be watching you?
The GIobalization of Repression
A culture of life, a culture of death
The death of Carlos Guiliano in Genoa, Italy, July 2001

" Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions, but we must all protest. "

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Transnational Corporations and World Trade
Reforming the Electoral Process
Corporate Media and Threat to Democracy
Ralph Nader page
Bernie Sanders page
William O. Douglas page

"If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves."

Howard Zinn, historian and author

Critique in the Streets
The Battle of Genoa - by Walden Bello
Genoa and Kent State
[New York] Times Unmasks Protesters (Quebec City)
The Right To Be Heard
Fascism in Genoa
The Lone Dissenter - Representative Barbara Lee
Patriotic Dissent

" The most unpardonable sin in society is independence of thought."

Emma Goldman, American anarchist and feminist, 1869-1940

If Not Military Force and War, Then What?
Fear Itself
There's a Police Riot Goin' On
True Democracy & the War on Dissent
Warring with the Coverage of War
Another World Is Possible
From Protest to Politics - A report from Porto Alegre
Colin Powell's List

" The cost of being presented as a " responsible and serious candidate" by the media [is] usually to show fundamental agreement with the existing distribution of wealth and power. "

Michael Lerner, philosopher, psychologist, author

Bugs, Taps and Infiltrators: What to do about Political Spying
The Crackdown on Dissent
Springtime for Dissent
The Destruction of Dissent - First Amendment Post - 9/11
Standing Up for Dissent

Trading Places - Protesters rock FTAA meetings in Quito
Connie Chung - on dissent
Largest Worldwide Anti-War Protest in History - February 2003
A maturing [anti-war] movement
The New Peasants' Revolt

"The media serve the interests of state and corporate power, which are closely interlinked, framing their reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of established privilege and limiting debate and discussion accordingly."

Noam Chomsky

The American Emergency - Ronnie Dugger
Voices against war and neoliberalism: World Social Forum - Porto Allegre, Brazil
Resolutions as Resistance (anti-USA Patriot Act resolutions)
The Big Chill (Dissent in America)
Bringing the War Home
The Invisible Gag
War on the Bill of Rights
Resisting Globalization - South American consensus
Miami Model - paramilitaries, "illegal" protests (1/04)
The Police State of Florida - FTAA protests (1/04)
What's the Point of Protest? (1/05)
Crackdown - post-9/11 chill is undermining struggles for social justice worldwide (3/05)
Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity (11/05)
A New Federal War on Dissent? (11/05)
The Israel Lobby (3/06)

Challenging the Culture of Obedience - speech by Ross C. Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah (8/06)
Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid - excerpt of book by Pres. Jimmy Carter (11/06)

Peace Not Apartheid - Jimmy Carter talk (11/06)
The War on Free Expression (5/07)
"Good Riddance Attention Whore" - Cindy Sheehan (5/07)
An Open Letter to the Democratic Congress - Why I Am Leaving the Democratic Party - Cindy Sheehan (5/07)
"We Are Your Bad Conscience" - White Rose Society (5/07)
The End of Dissent? [Congress and Iran] (6/07)

A History of the Fight for Free Speech in America (6/07)
Desmond Tutu Banned From Campus Over Israel Criticism (10/07)
Are You Going to Pay for Bush's Wars? (12/07)
Pain and Conscience (5/08)
Democracy's Prisoner - Eugene V. Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent by Ernest Freeberg - a book review by Peter Richardson (6/08)


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