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Media Control in the United States
Media Control, Propaganda, and Democracy
Media Control and Censorship

"The majority of people believe in incredible things which are absolutely false. The majority of people daily act in a manner prejudicial to their general well-being."

Ashley Montagu, American anthropologist


Amusing Ourselves to Death - Neil Postman
Bad News - The Decline of Reporting - Tom Fenton
Censored Foreign Policy stories - Project Censored

Conglomerates and the Media - Erik Barnouw, et al
Corporate Media & Threat to Democracy - McChesney
Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting - David Barsamian
Information War - Nancy Snow

Inventing Reality - Michael Parenti
It's the Media, Stupid - McChesney and Nichols
George Seldes Reader, The - Randolph T. Holhut

Global Media - the No-Nonsense guide - Peter Steven
Manufacturing Consent - N Chomsky/E Herman
Media Control - Noam Chomsky
Media Monopoly, The - Ben Bagdikian
Nation Magazine, The - Selections 1865-1990
Necessary Illusions

Networks of Power-Corporate TV Threat to Democracy - Dennie Mazzocco
New Media Monopoly, The - Ben Bagdikian

News About the News, The - Leonard Downie and Robert Kaiser
On Bended Knee - Mark Hertsgaard
Our Media Not Theirs - McChesney and Nichols
Pentagon Propaganda Machine, The - J. William Fulbright
Problem of the Media, The - Robert McChesney

Project Censored-annual report on censored stories
Propaganda - Edward Bernays (1928)

Propaganda, Inc. - Nancy Snow
Republican Noise Machine, The - David Brock
Rich Media, Poor Democracy - Robert McChesney
Stenographers to Power - media and propaganda - David Barsamian interviews

Through the Media Looking Glass - Jeff Cohen & Norman Solomon
Toxic Sludge Is Good For You - John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton
Tragedy & Farce - Robert McChesney and John Nichols

Trust Us, We're Experts! - John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton
Twenty Years of Censored News - Project Censored / Peter Phillips
Unreliable Sources - Normon Solomon
War, Lies & Videotape - International Action Center
What Liberal Media? - Eric Alterman
What the People Know - Freedom and the Press - Richard Reeves

Wizards of Media OZ - Normon Solomon

"Politicians and the media have conspired to infantilize, to dumb down, the American public. At heart, politicians don't believe that Americans can handle complex truths, and the news media, especially television news, basically agrees."

Tom Fenton, former CBS foreign correspondent


Is the Media a Danger to Democracy? - Robert Parry
Rich Media, Poor democracy - McChesney
"The Press Has Blood on Its Hands" - in Guatemala
Censorship by Execution - Mumia Abu-Jamal
Censorship Within Democratic Societies

Book Busters - corporate consolidation in book publishing & selling
The Cost of Survival - Public TV - less public, more corporate
Take Back the Fourth Estate
They Speak
The Politics of News Media
Dung on All Their Houses
Media Juggernaut Rolls Into 21st Century
Ready, Aim, Inform
Rural Radio Explosion
Antitrust & the Media - I
Antitrust & the Media - II
15 Steps Toward Media Reform
The Media Big Six
Media Censorship & Free Press in America
Much Ado About Little
What Liberal Media ?
America's Parochial Press: Examining English-Language Media at Home and Abroad (7/07)
Views of Press Values and Performance: 1985-2007 - Pew Research Center Report (7/07)
Iraq, Iran, & the Vanishing Context in American News (8/07)
The Difficulty of Being an Informed American (1/09)
Paid Lying: What Passes for Major Media Journalism (11/09)
Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex (12/09)

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