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"Who is going to punish the United States government for doing this to my country?"

Anna Chavez, a Guatemalan whose husband, relatives, and friends were killed by a death squads trained and supported by the U.S.


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Central America

The Spiral of Violence in Central America
Competition or Massacre? - Central American Farmers' Dismal Prospects Under CAFTA (4/04)
CAFTA - Bush pushes his pro-corporate agenda(7/05)
CAFTA and The Legacy of Free Trade (8/05)


U.S. - Guatemala File (5/99)
A "killing field" in the Americas: US policy in Guatemala
Rios Montt: Authoritarian Fundamentalist
The Persistence of Terror - Guatemala
Guatemala: Between Justice and Terror
Rios Montt, Running Despite Everything
Killer Candidate - Efrain Rios Montt
The Guatemalan Elections - (2/04)

Guatemala: Berger Wins Presidency, Rios Montt Loses Immunity (3/04)
History of Guatemala's Death Squads (1/05)
World Bank Mining Project in Guatemala (6/05)
Unrelenting Danger (9/05)
Spanish Justice - Guatemala and Efrain Rios Montt (10/06)
What we're up against (lessons from Guatemala - 1980s) [& the Israeli connection to Central America] (12/06)
Ronald Reagan's Bloody "Apocalypto" [Guatemala] (12/06)
Born-Again Killer Rios Montt Plans Run for Guatemalan Congress (2/07)
Child Labor Abuses in Guatemala (3/07)
Guatemala 'on brink of ruin' after 40 murdered (8/07)
Francisco Goldman - Guatemala's Indigenous Countryside Drives Election Victory Over Atrocity-Linked General - Amy Goodman interview (11/07)
Guatemalans Seek Redress in Spanish Court (4/08)

El Salvador

The "Salvador Boys"
US and El Salvador death squads (6/90)
Salvador: From the Bullet to the Ballot (3/04)

[Archbishop Oscar] Romero remembered (4/05)
Salvadoran Presidential Elections (5/04)

Oscar Romero, Presente! (5/05)
El Salvador on the Brink of Economic Collapse (5/05)
Letter From El Salvador: At the Edges of Empire (7/05)
El Salvador: ILEA - A New School of Assassins? (12/05)
Death Squads Still Operating in El Salvador (9/07)
Leftist Victory in El Salvador Closes an Historic Cycle (3/09)
Another Bonfire in America's Backyard (3/09)
El Salvador's 1st leftist president takes power (6/09)
El Salvador Rising (6/09)


Neo-Liberal Nicaragua is a Neo-Banana Republic
Unicorn Hunting In Nicaragua - - Ignoring US Intervention (7/05)
Nicaragua, CAFTA, & CIPRES (6/06)
U.S. playing favorites in Nicaraguan election (8/06)
Nicaragua: Do What We Want or Else (7/08)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Votes [for CAFTA] Under Duress (10/07)


Honduras: Joining ALBA (8/08)
The United States' Anti-Democratic Pattern in Honduras (7/09)

US Leaves Honduras to Its Fate (7/09)
Honduran Destablization, Inc. - Otto Reich and the International Republican Institute (7/09)
The CIA's Ghosts of Tegucigalpa [Honduras] (7/09)
Washington and the Coup in Honduras: Here is the Evidence (7/09)

Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection (8/09)
Spoiling Manuel Zelaya's Homecoming (9/09)
Bogus Honduran Elections - US, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Colombia & Israel - only nations to recognize the illegal elections (11/09)
Honduran Elections a Parody of Democracy (12/09)

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