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1984 - George Orwell
America Challenged - William O. Douglas
American Holocaust - David Stannard
Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The - Greg Palast
Buried Alive - Walter Karp
Clash of Fundamentalisms, The - Tariq Ali

Class. Caste & Hierarchies - the No-Nonsense guide
Class War in America
Cocaine Politics - Peter Dale Scott

Corruption of American Politics, The
Crashing the Party - Ralph Nader

Decline and Fall of the American Empire, The - Gore Vidal
Democracy - the No-Nonsense guide
Democratic Facade, The
Deterring Democracy - Noam Chomsky
Dollars and Votes
Eagle's Shadow, The - Mark Hertzgaard
Eleanor: The Years Alone
Eleanor Roosevelt - The Defining Years 1933-1938
False Hope - Normon Solomon
Fixing Elections - Steven Hill

Hotel America - Lewis Lapham
How to Overthrow the Government - Arianna Huffington

In the Name of Democracy
It Did Happen Here
No Mercy
On Democracy - Robert Dahl
Paradox of American Democracy, The - John Judis
Points of Rebellion - William O. Douglas
Political Fictions - Joan Didion

Politics of Meaning, The - Michael Lerner
Power Elite, The - C. Wright Mills
Powers That Be, The - G. William Domhoff
Price of Power, The - Seymour Hersh

Private Power and American Democracy - Grant McConnell
Ralph Nader Reader

Silencing Political Dissent - Nancy Chang
Silent Takeover, The
Third Parties in America

Toward an American Revolution - Jerry Fresia
Tree of Liberty, The
Truman Era, The - I.F. Stone
Washington on $10 million a Day - Ken Silverstein
Wealth and Democracy - Kevin Phillips
Who Killed JFK?
Who Rules America Now? - G. William Domhoff
Why Americans Don't Vote


Is the Media a Danger to Democracy?

" We have become just spectators, even voyeaurs ... [There's] a view that government really doesn't matter, except as it provides occasional spectacular entertainment. It is not good news for democracy."

Michael Sandel, author - Democracy's Discontent

The Constitution of the United States of America

" In feudal times, kings and lords held power through divine right. To challenge their authority was to oppose God, a heresy worthy of death. Now enlightened, we view such notions as foolish. Yet the divine right of yore has been replaced by a pantheon of free market verities whose lock on popular thought is so strong that heresy can be kept in check through ridicule."

Joel Bleifuss, In These Times magazine

Federalist Paper No. 10 - written by James Madison

" Americans cannot teach democracy to the world until they restore their own."

William Greider

Was Democracy Just A Moment?

Democracy Enhancement part I
Democracy Enhancement part II

Class Privilege Over Democracy

The Crackdown on Dissent
Jailed for Speech


Think Tank watch

Think Tanks in America
Conservative Philanthropies / Think Tanks and US Policy
The Wealthy (Conservative) Think Tanks
The Heritage Foundation Soars


" The top of the American system of power is much more unified and much more powerful, the bottom is much more fragmented, and in truth, impotent, than is generally supposed. "

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite


Globalizing Democracy
We Need a Radical Left
Beyond Majority Rule - proportional representation


" The power elite are those political, economic, and military circles which as an intricate set of overlapping cliques share decisions having at least national consequences. In so far as national events are decided, the power elite are those who decide them. "

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite

Making More Voices Heard - Proportional Representation
US Tolerating Arab Despots
Winning a Global Vote
Democracy Disappears - Iraqi sanctions & U.S. democracy

" Congress is controlled by right-wing Republican Nazis."

Eric Alterman, in the The Nation magazine, April 19, 1999, quoting a long-time Washington lobbyest

Democracy in Kerala State, India
Hunger and Wealth in America

Force, Patronage, Privilege and Democracy - Walter Lippmann

Corporations and Free Speech
First Amendment Follies

Farewell to the Chiefs
Secrets - Domestic Surveillance in U.S.
Our Rigged Elections - Hitchens
Money Rules
Derailing Democracy - introduction
Capitalism and Democracy "Don't Mix Very Well"

Steps Toward a Corporate State
Democracy. Is that all there is?
Locking Up the Vote
The Rise of Market Populism - America's New Secular Religion
Stupefied Democracy
U.S. Anti-Terrorist Act - Free Speech and Assembly Act?
Government without Democracy
Italy's 'House of Freedoms'
A Right to Vote
"Why should we care? It's only the Constitution"
Afghan, El Salvador, & Iraq Elections - U.S. managed elections with threat of violence called "democratic" (12/04)

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