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"This is how veal gets produced: A [male dairy] calf is taken from his mother, placed in a small pen, tethered so that movement is impossible, then fed a bland no-protein diet. He becomes anemic and diseased. Then he is drained of his blood and killed ... there is simply no way to produce veal without torture."

Ken Midkiff

Factory Farming

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The World According to Monsanto - Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply - Marie-Monique Robin

Seeds of Deception - Genetically Engineered Food - Jeffrey M. Smith



Bad Seeds
Food Fight Comes to America
Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
No Small (Genetic) Potatoes

Food Fight - The Truth About Genetically Modified Organisms
The New Peasants' Revolt
Tricks of the Trade - Injustices in Global "Free-trade" Food System

Organic Standards are in Jeopardy
The Gag Reflex
Veggie Libel
Here Comes the Sun - Whatever happened to solar energy?
The Age of Frankenstein by Eduardo Galeano

Green Power: A Global Goal
World Trade Organization and environmental laws
"Adjusting" the Environment
Silent Spring II
Structural Adjustment and the Environment
World Bank, IMF and the Environment
Bush's Environmental Record
Full Nets - Empty Seas
Baja's Whales vs. Mitsubishi

Another Tragically Beautiful Day - An interview with Ross Gelbspan by David Ross
Pork's Dirty Secret: The nation's top hog producer is also one of America's worst polluters (5/09) [original article - December 2006]

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