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"Throughout much of its history, the AFL-CIO and other U.S. labor organizations have worked with CIA and multi-national corporations to overthrow democratically-elected governments, collaborated with dictators against progressive labor movements, supported reactionary labor movements against progressive governments, worked with corporate America to organize racist and protectionist campaigns against foreign countries, and encouraged racist campaigns against immigrant workers."

Lee Siu Hin


Against the Conventional Wisdom - Doug Dowd
Crisis of Global Capitalism, The - George Soros
Global Village or Global Pillage

Globalization and Its Discontents - Stiglitz
International Development - No-Nonsense guide

Sharing the Pie
Take the Rich Off Welfare - Mark Zapezauer
Workers of the World Undermined
When Corporations Rule the World
Shafted - Free Trade and America's Working Poor



AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center & National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
Labor Rights - Jeff Ballinger

Sweatshop Blues - Companies Love Misery
Creating a New Internationalism for Labor
The Houston PrincipIes
U.S. Tramples Worker Rights
Union-Buster Memorial Airport
The ClO without the CIA: Inside the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center
Against the Workers
War and the Labor Movement
The Corporatization of Unions
For Unions, Green's Not Easy
The Barbed Wire Straitjacket
Union Yes, War No
Labor's War at Home
For Unions, Green's Not Easy
Raw Deal for Workers
Organize or Die - progressive union presidents transform labor
Unemployment Rate Deception
End of the Dream - Bernie Sanders
Down and Out in Discount America [Wal-Mart] (1/05)
Labor Imperialism Redux? - AFL-CIO Foreign Policy since 1995 (5/05)
AFL-CIO Foreign Policy in Venezuela (6/05)
Labor's China Syndrome - AFL-CIO, Solidarity Center, NED, & neo-cons (7/05)
AFL-CIO & National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Venezuela (7/05)
Venezuela: Assessing the Role of the AFL-CIO (7/05)
The Remarkable Harry Bridges (7/05)
Labor's New Foreign Policy (8/05)
Supporting Leftist Opposition to Lavalas: AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center and Batay Ouvriye (11/05)
Worker-To-Worker Solidarity Committee to AFL-CIO: Cut All Ties with NED (5/06)
Failed Solidarity: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti (6/06)
The Reactionary Role of US Labor in Haiti and Venezuela (6/06)
Undermining Democracy: Worker Repression in the United States - An Interview with David Bonior (7/06)
Giving Workers the Business: World Bank Support for Labor Deregulation (7/06)

The AFL-CIO Foreign Policy Program and the 2002 Coup in Venezuela: Was the AFL-CIO Involved? (9/06)
Is Cosatu playing with the devil? - Investigating AFL-CIO Solidarity Center and NED in South Africa (12/06)
America's 20 Percent Unemployment Rate (4/09)

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