Militarization of America

"The American social infrastructure deteriorates as the Pentagon's sphere of control widens. Today we find an inverse relationship between growth of the U.S. empire and various measures of domestic well-being.

Carl Boggs


Re-ordering America's Priorities / Reducing U.S. Military Budget
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Masters of War
Dreaming War - Gore Vidal

Arms Trade - the No-Nonsense guide - Gideon Burrows
Fortress America - William Greider
Full Spectrum Dominance - Rahul Mahajan
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace - Gore Vidal

In the Name of Democracy - Thomas Carothers
Rogue State - William Blum
Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws - Michael Klare
Sword and the Dollar - Michael Parenti

War Crimes - US War Crimes Against Iraq - Ramsey Clark
War Talk - Arundhati Roy

Weapons in Space - Karl Grossman


Military Draft page

Disarmament Wars (2/02)
The Draft - (9/04)
A Military Draft (11/04)
Is an Economic Draft Already Here? (2/05)
Battle for the Bodies of America's Youth Army (3/05)
Children's Crusade - JROTC moves into middle schools (6/05)


The Iron Triangle - the new military buildup
Disarmament Wars
Durbin, Daley, Democrats, and the New American Militarism (6/05)
Militarizing the "Homeland": NORTHCOM's Joint Task Force-Civil Support (10/08)

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