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" A large part of the Pentagon budget is devoted to keeping Middle East oil prices within a range that the United States and its energy companies consider appropriate. ... Pentagon expenditures amount to a subsidy of 30 percent of the market price of oil, demonstrating that "the current view that fossil fuels are inexpensive is a complete fiction."

Noam Chomsky


Pentagon Propaganda Machine, The - J. William Fulbright


"What chiefly governs the [U.S.] military budget is the need to spend enormous sums of money in a useless way. The allegedly powerful Pentagon is simply a receptacle for wasteful expenditure, just as a city dump is the receptacle for the refuse of a city."

Walter Karp


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Re-ordering America's Priorities / Reducing U.S. Military Budget


" The two-war strategy is just a marketing device to justify a high [military] budget. "

Retired Air Force Chief of Staff Merrill McPeak


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"Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear-kept us in a continuous
stampede of patriotic fervor-with the cry of grave national emergency.
Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it ..."

General Douglas MacArthur, 1957

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