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Nepal's Untold Story (9/01)
A Convenient Emergency - Nepal uses Sept. 11 as a pretext for repression and war (2/02)
Maoist Insurgency in Nepal (8/02) [internet]

Maoist Rebels Overrun Nepal Army Base - (2002) [internet]
Nepal's Maoist Civil War on the World Terrorist Map (2003) [internet]
Maoists threat to US security: Armitage [internet] (11/03)
US helping Nepalese soldiers fight Maoists (2004) [internet]

The People's War: Maoist Insurgency in Nepal (2004) [internet]
People's War in Nepal (5/04) [internet]
Nepal - Travel Warning, United States Department of State (6/04)
Absolute Monarchy to Absolute Democracy [Nepal] (3/05)
Kingdom Under Siege (3/05)
Q&A: Nepal Crisis (4/05)
Who are Nepal's Maoist Rebels? (6/05)

Nepal radio shut over BBC report (11/05)
People's War for Competitive Democracy [in Nepal] (2/06)
Crisis in Nepal (2/06)

King of Nepal crushes white-collar street protests (4/06)
Erasing the 'royal' in Nepal (5/06)
Nepalese rebels renounce violence (11/06)
Nepal agrees to abolish monarchy (12/07)
Nepal: the World's Newest Republic (6/08)
Nepal's Maoists grow angry amid fears for peace (6/09)
The New York Times on Nepal: Skewing the Himalayan Revolution (2/10)

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