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Reforming the Electoral Process


Selling Out - Mark Green
The Corruption of American Politics - Elizabeth Drew

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - Greg Palast


"We are seeing in Washington what I saw in Berlin in the Nazi time - how power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

William Shirer, author, 1973


Lobbying and the Merchants of Death
Can Congress Kick Its Habit?
The Money Trail - Corporate investments in U.S.elections since 1990
Tax Wars
Richest Cabinet in History Would Gain from Bush Tax Cuts
How the GOP Gamed the System in Florida
Cheney & Halliburton: Go Where the Oil Is
Voting Rights in Peril
Scurrilous Squirrels
Enron: Cooking The Books And Buying Protection
Corporate Payoffs - Republicans reward their most loyal constituents
Statehouse Subversion in Massachusetts
Fire Sale - To fund "clean elections," Massachusetts judge orders state property sold
The Big Guns - Bush connection to US defence giant Carlyle Group
Was the 2004 Election Stolen? - by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Liberals Standing in the Way of Change (8/07)
The Sickening Influence of Campaign Contributions (6/09)
'The Select Few' Are Cashing in: Shocking Corruption at the Washington Post (7/09)

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