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Political Ponerology - a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes - Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Dollars and Votes
Fixing Elections - Steven Hill
How to Overthrow the Government - Arianna Huffington
Third Parties in America
Why Americans Don't Vote
Crashing the Party - Ralph Nader
Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The - Greg Palast

Political Fictions - Joan Didion
Washington on $10 million a Day - Ken Silverstein
Moral Politics - George Lakoff
What's the Matter with Kansas? - Thomas Frank


Delusion 2000: How the candidates view the world
Our Virtual Primaries
Buchanan to the Left of Them
The Third Way - the politics of betrayal
Money Rules
The Man in the Empty Blue Suit
The Buying of the President - 2000
'Capital' Hill - Fighting big money in government and society
Laws for Sale
How Money in Politics Hurts You
Think Globally, Run Locally - running for Congress as a Progressive
Progressives Shape Up For the New Millennium
Bad for the Jews, Bad for the Country
Real Choices. Suppressed Voices
Which Side Are You On?
Behind Colin Powell's Legend by R. Parry & N. Solomon
Liberal Laryngitis
Radcon 3 - morality, prosperity, patriotism - Robert Reich (5/04)
McKinney Rises Again (5/04)

Kerry's Dance (6/04)
No Limits To US Hypocrisy? (3/05)
Neocon 101: What do neoconservatives believe? (8/07)
Why Dems and Republicans Bow to the Israel Lobby (10/07)
The Theater of the Absurd [2008 presidential election] (12/07)
The Triumph of Ignorance: How Morons Succeed in U.S. Politics (10/08)
The Evidence Establishes, Without Question, That Republican Rule Is Dangerous (11/08)


Political Reform


Bernie Sanders page
We Need a Radical Left
A Progressive Platform on Human Rights and Foreign Relations
Independent Progressive Politics Network-Common Ground Declaration
Independent Progressive Politics Network - Principles Of Unity
Independent Progressive Politics Network - List of Principles
New Party Principles
Alliance for Democracy - Principles on Corporations
The Case for Proportional Representation
Notes for a Progressive Agenda
Democracy and Corporations - Arcata, California
FAQs About Clean Money Campaign Reform - Public Campaign
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)
Instant Runoff Voting: Majority Rule, Maximum Choice
Proportional Representation - What is it and Why do we need it?
Preference Voting vs. Cumulative Voting
What is Proportional Representation?
Full Representation: Proportional Representation
The Case for Proportional Representation

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