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Behind the Fog of Deception - Washington's real war aims
Bitter, bitter tears
Bush and Blair's hidden agenda
Don't Mess with Unocal - Taliban and war over oil
Permanent Installation
Afghanistan, Central Asia, Georgia - Key to Oil Profits
Oil and the New Great Game (2/04)
The Devil's Tears- Oil and Human Rights in Central Asia (3/04)
Wild West Goes East (3/04)
Beyond Ukraine - Bush Sides with Dictators (2/05)

"As of July 2002, the average life expectancy for the people of Afghanistan is 46 years. The average yearly income per capita is $280. As for the children, 90 percent are not in school. More than one out of every four children in Afghanistan will die before the age of five. "

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Afghanistan, the CIA, bin Laden, and the Taliban
A Resource War - Afghanistan
The Fire Down Below
The Truth About Afghanistan
Betrayal (1/04)
War Without End - Afghanistan (9/04)


Iran watch

Letter From Iran - 2000
Letter from Iran - 2003

Ally of Evil - U.S. & Iran
Is Iran Next? (10/04)
Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran (4/05)
U.S. and Iran: Democracy, Terrorism, & Nuclear Weapons (8/05)
The Iran "Crisis" - prelude to aggression (11/05)
Atomic Hypocrisy - Bush, Blair & Iran's Nuclear Programme (12/05)
The West has Picked a Fight with Iran that It Cannot Win (1/06)


The Wild East [Russia] (4/04)
We expected better [Russian youth] (5/04)


US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev (11/04)


Kyrgyz president agrees changes (11/06)


Washington's Game in Turkmenistan (12/06)

U.S.Foreign Policy and Pentagon

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