Iran watch

Iran 1953 - excerpted from the book Killing Hope by William Blum

Letter From Iran - 2000
Letter from Iran - 2003

Ally of Evil - U.S. & Iran
Is Iran Next? (10/04)
Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran (4/05)
Michael Klare on Blood, Oil, and Iran (4/05)

U.S. and Iran: Democracy, Terrorism, & Nuclear Weapons (8/05)
The Iran "Crisis" - prelude to aggression (11/05)
Atomic Hypocrisy - Bush, Blair & Iran's Nuclear Programme (12/05)
The West has Picked a Fight with Iran that It Cannot Win (1/06)
Attack on Iran: A Looming Folly (1/06)
Iran's Oil Exchange Threatens the Greenback (1/06)
Iran: The Next War - John Pilger (2/06)
US Paper Money and Iran's Oil Bourse (2/06)
Iran Showdown Tests Power of Israel Lobby (4/06)
The Political Economy of the U.S.-Iran Crisis (6/06)
Iran: The Next War (7/06)

Is Lebanon the 'Trigger' for U.S. War With Iran? (8/06)
One Ring to Rule Them - Iran (8/06)
The neocons' next war - Syria and Iran (8/06)
Bush's Nuclear Apocalypse: Iran (10/06)
Targeting Iran (11/06)
Target Iran - Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh interviews former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter (12/06)
The End of Dissent? [Congress and Iran] (6/07)
Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran (8/07)
Iran Drops Dollar From Oil Deals (12/07)
Fragile Dollar Hegemony: Iran's Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar (2/08)
The Construction of the Iran "Threat": The Iran Versus the U.S.-Israeli-NATO Threats (10/09)

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