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Paul Kagame - Rwanda - genocidaire - Rwanda and Congo

Cold War Legacy in Zaire (5/97)
Mobutu - tale of a Tyrant (6/97)

U.S. Military and Corporate - Recolonization of the Congo (3/00)
The Business of War in the Democratic Republic of Congo (7/01)
Heart of Sadness: Congo (Fall 2003)

Silence = Rape - sexual violence spreads in the [DR] Congo (3/04)
The Looting of the Congo (5/04)

Rwanda's Secret War (in Congo - DRC) - U. S.-backed destabilization of Central Africa (2/05)
D.R. Congo: Gold Fuels Massive Human Rights Atrocities (6/05)
Congo, Inc.: Corporate Crime and Genocide (12/05)

Congo Humanitarian Crisis the Worst (1/06)
Congo's Tragedy and Western Complicity (1/06)
Behind the Numbers - Untold Suffering in the Congo (3/06)
Congo's Civil War and Global Corporations (3/06)

Pilfering Congo's wealth at warp speed (7/06)
Corporations Reaping Millions as Congo Suffers Deadliest Conflict Since World War II (1/08)
UN Troops Armed DR Congo Rebels (4/08)
Kambale Musavuli on the "Forgotten War" in the Congo - interview - Democracy Now, October 27, 2008
War Crimes in the Congo by Laurent Nkunda and Paul Kagame (10/08)

U.S./U.K. Allies Grab Congo Riches and Millions Die (11/08)
Hutu militias key to Congo conflict (11/08)
A World Playground: Congolese People Sacrificed for International Games and Profits (11/08)
China and the Congo Wars: AFRICOM - America's New Military Command (11/08)
America's War in Central Africa - The Pentagon's proxy war in the Eastern Congo (2/09)
The Real Authors of the Congo Crimes. Nkunda has been arrested but who will arrest Kagame? (2/09)
The Vile Scramble For Loot - How British Corporations are Fuelling War in the Congo (11/09)

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