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"...The charge that criticism of Israel is implicitly anti-Semitic -- is regarded in Israel and the United States as Israel's trump card. If it has been played more insistently and aggressively in recent years, that is because it is now the only card left. The habit of tarring any foreign criticism with the brush of anti-Semitism is deeply ingrained in Israeli political instincts: Ariel Sharon used it with characteristic excess but he was only the latest in a long line of Israeli leaders to exploit the claim. David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir did no different. But Jews outside of Israel pay a high price for this tactic. Not only does it inhibit their own criticisms of Israel for fear of appearing to associate with bad company, but it encourages others to look upon Jews everywhere as de facto collaborators in Israel's misbehavior. When Israel breaks international law in the occupied territories, when Israel publicly humiliates the subject populations whose land it has seized -- but then responds to its critics with loud cries of "anti-Semitism" -- it is in effect saying that these acts are not Israeli acts, they are Jewish acts: The occupation is not an Israeli occupation, it is a Jewish occupation, and if you don't like these things it is because you don't like Jews. In many parts of the world this is in danger of becoming a self-fulfilling assertion: Israel's reckless behavior and insistent identification of all criticism with anti-Semitism is now the leading source of anti-Jewish sentiment in Western Europe and much of Asia..."

excerpted from the article
"The Country that Wouldn't Grow Up"
by Tony Judt
Ha'aretz,, 5/5/06





The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy - John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
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Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon - July 2006
Israel's Latin American trail of terror

"It is like what was done [by the Nazis] to us during the Shoa [the Judeocide of WW II]."

"What we are doing in the territories [occupied since 1967] has aroused them [the Palestinians]. I understand them. If somebody had done the same things to us, we would have reacted exactly like them."

Israeli national singer Yafa Yarkoni, comparing the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) with the Nazis, April 2002

Background to the Israel-Palestine Crisis
The Other Israel - Voices of Refusal and Dissent


Albert Eistein's Letter to New York Times Dec. 4, 1948 - New Palestine Party

The Hidden Roots of Zionism
Zionism - definition and history

Anti-Zionism - definition and description
Zionism and Its Impact - Anne Lesch
The Iron Wall - We and the Arabs - Vladimir Jacobtinsky (1923)

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)


The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy - John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
They Dare To Speak Out - People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby by Paul Findley


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Norman Finkelstein

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Quiz - Holocaust historian Norman Finkelstein (7/00)
Norman Finkelstein - Irish Times, 2003
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The Ludicrous Attacks on Jimmy Carter's Book - "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid"
Holocaust Scholars Defend Professor Norman Finkelstein's Fight for Tenure - interview May 9, 2007

"For the most part, Israel is the subcontractor for American arms to the 'Third World.' There is no terrible regime-Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile during the time of the colonels, Burma, Taiwan, Zaire, Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone-there is not one that does not have a major military connection to Israel.... So this is the missing piece... Israel is a key member of the empire."

Jeff Halper


Deliberate Deceptions - U.S.-Israeli Relationship - Paul Findley
The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics - Gilad Atzmon

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe
Profits of War - Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network - Ari Ben-Menashe
Iran Contra Connection-Secret Teams & Covert Operations in Reagan Era
Israel Foreign Policy
Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
Israel and Latin America: The Military Connection
The Power of Israel in the United States
The Holocaust Industry - Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering - Norman Finkelstein
They Dare To Speak Out - People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby by Paul Findley

Zionism in the Age of the Dictators - Lenni Brenner


Israel: Time to Divest - Desmond Tutu
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"I Won't Serve in Your Army"
Excavating the Crimes of War - What really happened in Jenin
Palestine in the Crosshairs
Time to Act
Dishonest Broker
Top Ten Reasons to Oppose U.S. aid to Israel
Deal Breakers
The Nightmare in Israel
Israel's Colonial War
Twenty Years On
Sharon's Best Weapon

"It is both my Jewish and human duty to resolutely refuse to take any part in this army. As the son of a people victim to pogroms and destruction, I cannot be a part of your insane policies. As a human being, it is my duty to refuse to participate in any institution which commits crimes against humanity."

Sergio Yahni, Israeli army 'refusnik'

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Israel's Weapons Manufacturing Industry
Israel and South Africa
Israel and Central America
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Palestinian Resistance Stuns Israel
Shame on You, Madeleine Albright - by Hanan Ashrawi
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The Tragedy Deepens by Edward Said
U.S. Aid to Israel: Interpreting the 'Strategic Relationship

" The terrorism of suicide bombings was born of despair. There is no military solution to despair."

Nahum Barnea, columnist for Israeli newspaper Yedoit Ahronot

Nuke Nation - Israel's weapons of mass destruction
The Legacy of Ariel Sharon
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Why I'm Boycotting Israel
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Sharon the ethnic cleanser
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Backs to the Wall
The Al-Aqsa Intifada: Israel's 34-year military occupation
The Murcurial Economics of the Phantom Palestinian State
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The '48 Nakba & The Zionist Quest for its Completion - Ilan Pappe lecture (10/02)

Walling in the Palestinians (5/04)
The Jewish Divide on Israel (7/04)
U.S. to Sell Precision-Guided Bombs to Israel [Iran] (9/04)

Nancy Pelosi Speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] (5/24/05)
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The Watchdog Bites - Israel is fighting to protect America 's empire in the Middle East (9/06)
Empire and Israel (9/06)
The Power of Israel in the United States by James Petras - a book review (10/06)

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid - excerpt of book by Pres. Jimmy Carter (11/06)
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